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The Seo basics and tips

The Basics,Tips, strategies of SEO

The Basics and Tips of Seo(SEO BASICS,SEO TIPS)

Hello Friends! Today we gonna take a look at some of the basics and tips of SEO.we’ll going to be discussing SEO TAGS, statergies and SEO Tips. SEO means Search Engine optimization.SEO is very important to achieve higher ranks  ,higher Traffic on the internet.Most of the bloggers wana have Higher SEO Rank and the traffic to make their website popular so that they can earn money via affiliate program’s, ads etc.So we get started with some of our basic SEO TAGS then some SEO TIPS and SEO Strategies .


here we are going to discuss some important SEO HTML TAGS and META SEO TAGS.



At the heart of successful SEO is determining what keyword or keywords to use when optimizing a website. The prevalence of a specific word or phrase on a webpage is critical to influencing SERP ranking. In most cases websites should be optimized for multiple keywords, and a simple way to do this is to optimize different sections or pages with different keywords.

[success_box title=”The SEO Keywords Tag:” type=”information”]

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword 1 ,keyword 2….. “/>

example:<meta name=”keywords” content=”Seo  ,Search Engine optimization,SEO tips,SEO basics,SEO TAGS,SEO Tricks “/>


The length Should not increase more than 70 characters.If a keyword is in a web page’s title tag, make sure that the page is actually about the keyword. Search engines will check the content of the page and expect it to match the <TITLE> tags.

Meta Description SEO TAG:

A page’s description meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about.

[success_box title=”The SEO Desciription Tag:” type=”information”]

<meta name=”description content=””/>

the length should not exceed 155 characters.


Meta Robots SEO Tags:

[success_box title=”The SEO Desciription Tag:” type=”information”]

<meta name=”robots” content=”AGUMENTS”/>

example : <meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”/>



  • noindex-do not index page
  • nofollow-do  not follow links on page
  • no archieve-Do not cache page
  • index-index page
  • follow-follow links on page


Important HTML SEO TAGS:

[information_box title=”The SEO Title Tag:” type=”information”]

the Title should match the keywords.



[information_box title=”The SEO Heading Tag:” type=”information”]

The Heading Tags are very Important for SEO (search Engine Optimization).we supposed to write our important keyword and titles in the heading.Use the H1 tag as a heading on each of your blog posts.You can also use <h2></h2> and <h3></h3>. For every blog post have at least 1 H1 tag, 2 H2 tags, and 3 H3 tags with your keywords.

<h1>Most Prior SEO Heading Tag</h1>

<h2>Second Most Prior SEO Heading Tag</h2>

<h3>Third Most Prior SEO Heading Tag</h3>


[information_box title=”Bold<b> or <Strong> SEO TAGS” type=”information”]

In every blog post You should put the bold or Strong tag around at least one of your keywords, up to 3 per article.Bold is also a good SEO Tag. I’m sure you know what “bold” means and it will stand out in the Google bot’s eyes which makes them think this page is about this keyword.So bold or String is Very good for the SEO.


[information_box title=”Italic and Under line SEO TAGS ” type=”information”]

The same story as bold, use this 1-3 times per article on your SEO keyword(s).


[information_box title=”Image SEO TAG ” type=”information”]

The img SEO Tag is very good For that SEO basics. you should put  your SEO keyword(s) in ‘src’ and also ‘alt’ attribute of the Image SEO Tags.see example of img SEO Tag.Keep in mind that alt attribute in img SEO tag is very very important in SEO(search Engine Optimization).

<img src=”keyword.jpg” alt=”keyword” />

<img src=”book-shop.jpg” alt=”book Shop” />


[information_box title=”Hyperlink(Anchor) SEO TAG ” type=”information”]

The Anchor SEO Tag is very good For that SEO basics. you can put Your SEO Keywords in the anchor tag text and in title also.

<a href=”” title=”keyword”>Keywords in Anchor Text</a>

<a href=”” title=”keyword” rel=”nofollow”>Keywords in Anchor Text</a>

rel=’nofollow ‘ tells bot not to index the page.




SO lets take a look at some of the Seo Tips And SEO Strategies.

Keyword Research For SEO: Firstly ,we befire creating any page or post we need to do a keyword Research.Believe me Keyword research is the most important step in the SEO(search engine Optimization) and It is one of  Great SEO stratigies.

So we do our SEO keywords research with the Google’s free keyword Tool.If you have never used this before don’t worry this is very, very simple. All you need to do is enter your keyword(s) in the box (one per line), enter the captcha, and hit search.

You will get the keywords related to your search will see global monthly searches and local monthly searches.Like i entered seo basics then i get result like:

seo basics=9900 monthly searches

learn seo basics=320 monthly searches

so i would choose the 1st keyword with 9900 searches per month which means 330 searches per day.that good 330 per day is very good for your page,if your page makes up to top we have found decent keyword,now we look for the competition .

For looking up for the competition i use traffic travis .It is free to use .download it from trafic travis website.or you can use any other tool for finding out the competitor if you like.

so now we enter the exact keyword that we choosen in traffic travis or any other software for cheking the top sites using the same keyword.the software will show us the sites using the same kleyword that we have choosen.the result will show top ten sites with the keyword.and also shows that if keyword used in SEO TAGS like title,h1 and also tells the backlink data and the page rank.if top ten have 0 page rank then it is best.we final the keyword.

if no site has page rank 0 in top ten.then no problem ! see if top ten sites have web 2.0 sites like, article sites.if have that is also best and we have great chance to get to  top ten.

So When checking for competition ,the main aspects  are:

  • 0 or 1 page rank
  •  less backlinks
  • no title or h1 and description tags
  • web 2.0 sites like
  • under 500000 compititors

if your keywords match these than Your Keyword is great for SEO.

SO that was for keyword research.thats how we do a keyword research for good SEO Keywords.

generally we find more than one keywords for our article or page.After successfully finding a good keywords we use these keywords and we moe to our next SEO Strategies.

The tags are already discussed,so now we use our best keywords in these tags.

Use WordPress For Your blog:word press is SEO ready and Serve great for for Your Blog’s SEO.So i recommend you to use wordpress for your blog, as there are thousands of wordpress plugins available for SEO Puposes.

Quality Content: google  is hungry for the unique and quality content.Articles and blog posts on your website should be a minimum of 700 words. Not 500, not 678, 700 words minimum. The longer your articles and posts the more content Google gets to crawl through, and we know Google loves content.using unique content is great SEO Strategy.

Keyword Density:you should use the keyword throuout your content or article which is best SEO practice or Strategy.

Social Media:Facebook or twitter pages are good for the SEO. Although these sites have nofollow links still they have a gret affect on the SEO.

Images/Videos:  Google like images and videos on the site.Why google have Youtube.Having Youtube video is always nice for the SEO and it is one of great SEO Strategies.same with images using keyword in alt tags is good for SEO.

That was all for the on page we see Off page seo .which is mostly preferred by the developers.These has great effect on the SEO.

XML-SITEMAPS:Create a sitemap for your site and  submit it to Google, Yahoo, and Bing/MSN so they are notified every time that your site updates.the Site map link should be on you site’s footer menu.the site map should be at

The Structure for XML Site map is:



link building has a major effect on the SEO .Backlinks are what have the most impact on your rankings in Google.Google bots are incredibly smart and can detect a lot of different things. But still, it is not a human looking at every single site or link that you build checking if it is quality.while building the back links keep in mind few points.

There are a few things that are key to a great backlink:

  • HIGH PR-HIGH the page rank better the link is for you.
  • LOW out Bount Links-lower the out bound link of the page you are going to be linked .the better it will be for your site.Suppose you post your link on page which already have 500-600 outbound links.that ain’t gonna effect the page you are going to post link must have low outbound links
  • Variation in Anchor text-there must be variation in your anchor text when you post link to some other site.Like you should not post same link text on every site you post your link .say you have web design company should not post ‘web design new york’  all the times.there must be variation when creating links like :’new york web design’,’web site designing in newyork’.
  • Content-When you post articles about your site on web 2.0 sites the content must be unique,SEO keyword centered.which will take your site to the top.
  • Education /Government Links:the backlinks from the educational sites or gov. site make huge effect on the Seo of the page.
  • Quality Directory Sumission:-Submitting articles about your website on the  article directories is gud.Make sure the article is unique.
  • Social Bookmarking:social bookmarking another Strategy in SEO.when google see the weight of your social bookmarks that will result in good SEO ranking.
  • Forum Profile:Create a Forum Profiles and Create posts on the forum with Your Website link.
  • Pinging:When you create a new link simply put it into pingfarmand this will be pinged to the proper get the link indexed. Because a link that is not indexed does nothing for you!



Improve the structure of your URLs:

 improving Url Structure is one of great SEO TIPS Simple to understand URLs will convey content information easily.You must Use URL Rewriting to Clean Up Your Urls.which is great SEO practice.You must use words in Urls.

Also Url Depth Should be less.

like is bad  is good.

Create Simple Directory Structure:

Use a directory structure that organizes your content well and makes it easy for visitors to know where they’re at on your site. Try using your directory structure to indicate the type of content found at that URL.

Use unique descriptions for each page:

Having a different description meta tag for each page helps both users and Google, especially in searches where users may bring up multiple pages on your domain.Avoid the same description over all the pages on your site.Unique description is Good for SEO.

Use unique Descriptive Titles:

You must use unique Descriptive titles,which result in Good SEO score for your Unique Titles is good SEO TIP to keep in mind.

Create Fresh unique Content:

New content will not only keep your existing visitor base coming back, but also bring in new visitors.

That that was all for this post on SEO(Search engine optimization).So these Were Some of the SEO TIPS,Strategies  and SEO basics.

I hope You liked this Post.Wow that was very big Post for SEO Basics.Please Share , hit like ,comment if you liked this post.

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