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Generate XML with cakePHP

Generate XML with cakePHP

Generate XML With CakePHP:

Hola Amigos ! Generating XML with cakePHP is very easy.XML is very useful for the data transfer over the web.I was on development of   CakePHP project where i needed XML generation for use over the internet. I have done some RnD on that and Found it.So now I’m Gonna share this with people ,So that it might be helpful.

Generation of XML with cakephp is not hard task when you have power of cakePHP with you.lets get started see how to generate xml using cakephp.

Steps to Generate XML with cakePHP:

The First Step is to edit your routes.php file in the config directory of your cakePHP application.We gonna add a little code to routes.php which will enable to parse xml extension in cakePHP.

So here we telling cakePHP to parse xml extension.Now we are ready to generate xml in our project.Now in the Next Step we gonna create a Controller action that will fetch data and that will be used to dynamically generate xml in cakePHP.

Set Up Controller To generate XML using Cakephp:

Now we gonna set up our controller to Generate a well formatted a error Free XML with cakePHP.Here we gonna create a controller action which will fetch data for XML and we gonna generate dynamic xml.I have SetUp my controller action to work only if XML request is made  means we have .xml at the end.To do this i am using Request handler component .So Firstly declare request handler at the Top of your Controller or you can include this component in AppController for Application wide use.

Including Request Handler Component

The task Of the Request handler is to detect the type of request .So for us it will serve to tell us if the Request is XML.if the Request is XML then we are gonna render an empty layout and XML view file.Other wise do nothing.

Lets See controller Action For XML Generation in cakePHP

The Action looks quite simple like other action,but it will work if the request is xml which means if we gonna call xmlgen/1.xml it will work ,if we just type xmlgen/1 then it will not work.

Lets move further and see our view.

Set Up View To generate XML using Cakephp:

Now we gonna set our view for the XML According to the controller action we just made.We gonna create a XML view for the Action xmlgen() we created.The views for XML are created in the XML folder inside the views folder.means the view xmlgen.ctp for the action will be created in the app/views/yourcontrollername/xml/xmlgen.ctp .

Suppose Our controller is playlist then we create xmlgen.ctp inside app/views/playlists/xml/xmlgen.ctp . I Hope you understand by now how it is different than ordinary html views.

Now see view to generate XML using CakePHP

That how we gonna Create our view.This is Quite easy i guess,Minimal amount of coding done to generate well formed XML with the CakePHP.I hope You find this tuet helpful. Please Do share ,Hit like if You liked this Tutorial.
Thanks for vising the and reading our content.

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