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Password protect directory using htaccess

Password Protect Directory using Htaccess

Password Protect Directory using Htaccess: Hi Guys ! Protecting your media files from anonymous or unauthorized users is very important for the security .The best and easy way to do it is Using the htaccess .You can password protect your directory Using htaccess .Htaccess uses also another file called htpasswd for this purpose.Htaccess is always… Read More

wordpress 3.4 new features

What’s New in wordpress 3.4

What’s New in wordpress 3.4: Hola Guys WordPress 3.4 is released and have some interesting new features .I have also Updated to wordpress 3.4 and its works fine.The new Version has many new features and improvements.So what’s new in the wordpress 3.4 .Here are some of the Theme Features. New Features in WordPress 3.4 :… Read More

Drupal module Development Understanding Variables

Drupal Module Development-Understanding Variables

Drupal Module Development-Understanding Variables: Hello  Friends.This is my second post for Drupal Module Development.I recommend you to read first Post Drupal Module Development Basics first and then come to read this post.This Post is about Drupal Module development and usage of the Drupal variables.So i assume that before reading this post you have already read my… Read More

Checking Broken /dead links from database using PHP curl

Check Dead Links From Database Using PHP CURL

Check Dead/Broken Links From Database Using PHP CURL: Hola Friends ! Checking Deadlinks From the database manually is a Headache ,So why not use a script which return the http status of the particular link and tell us if the link is dead or not.So how do we check the dead links from the database ? How do we programatically  check whether the… Read More

Paginate Search Results With Ajax Pagination

Paginate Search Results using Ajax Pagination

Paginate Search Results using Ajax Pagination: Hi Buddies ! I have written Ajax Pagination previously ,But this time i come with some modification to Ajax pagination so that we can Paginate Search Results with Ajax pagination Too.Most of the Pagination concepts are same as in my previous post about Ajax Pagination ,but a little bit addition here.So… Read More

Search Suggest using jquery Php

Google Like Suggestion Search

Suggest Search Using PHP and Jquery : Google Like Suggest Search is achieved using PHP ,jquery and Ajax.Using These we can create a good looking suggestive search as like google’s suggest search.So to achieve google like Suggest search i came today with ajax powered jquery Suggestion search.The Suggestive search is useful as it is very… Read More