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Complete ON Page SEO GUIDE

Complete On Page SEO Guide

Complete On Page SEO Guide :

On Page SEO is important although many SEO experts may say that Link building or off page seo has more effect,But still On Page Seo is must ,quality content , on page seo is always better to keep your site at top for long time.Also to consider other search engines like yahoo, bing etc ,need quality content and on page seo more,keep in mind bing and yahoo has good search share.So to keep you website optimized for all search engines.we also need to focus on on page SEO .

ON page Seo

ON Page SEO Full Guide

So i got today complete on page seo guide for your webpage.

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Full On Page SEO Guide : Important Steps

So today i m gonna discuss important steps for On page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) .and here they are:

1) Keywords In URL : Have Focused keyword in URL

The First Thing is to have keywords in your URL.Having keyword in URL is always a Better on page SEO practice.It’ll help the bot to ‘what this article is about’.

[jbox color=”blue” title=”ON page SEO Keyword in URL Example”]


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2) Keywords In Title : Must Have keyword in Article Title

You Must Have your Focused Keyword in The Title Tag .

[jbox color=”blue” title=”ON Page SEO- Keyword in The Title Element”]

<title>Rockstar Games</title>


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3) Use Images : Using Image in Article

You must include Images within your Articles ,posts .The Images are included in the Google Image Search Results.So they well can give you great benefit .So having Images in the Posts is Good ON page SEO  Thing.Keep in mind that image name must be your keyword,and  you should never miss alt tag .Put your keywords also in alt tag .

[jbox color=”blue” title=”Using Images In Atricles Example”]

<img src=”keyword.jpg” alt=”keyword”/>


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4) Internal Links : Inner website links –

Linking To the Other Pages of Your Domain is very good On page Seo tactic.It helps the crawler to crawl the other pages.

Full ON page Seo Guide Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal Linking  Reduces the Bounce rate,help in bring good traffic.

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5) Meta Description : SEO On page

It is One important part.So you must have Seo Meta Description .It is meta description which appear on the search Result page.The Recommended Length for Seo Description is must not exceed 160 characters.You should place your targeted keyword in the Meta Description.make Sure Description is not spamy .it must look Genuine Description of your Article.

[jbox color=”blue” title=”Example of SEO meta Description Tag”]

<meta name =”description” content=”Buy and sell websites and find websites for sale in the most active auction marketplace. Established websites and online businesses for sale on Flippa”/>


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6) Title Attribute In links :

Title Attribute is very important for the Links.You must use Links title Attribute.As the alt attribute in the images is important so is the Title attribute is important For the Links.

[jbox color=”blue” title=”Title in Anchor Link”]

<a href=”” title=”keyword”>Keyword</a>


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7) Keyword Density :

keyword Density is the percentage of no of times a keyword appear on a web page.You must Maintain a Good Medium Level Keyword Density.You need not to Over do this Thing.

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8) Useful SEO Tags :

There are Certain Html Tags those are Good For On page SEO . The bots gives preferences to the words placed in those Html tags.Those tags are Bold,Italic and Underline .You must place those keywords in the <i>,<em>,<strong> ,<b>,<u> tags.This will sure help your on page optimization.

[jbox color=”blue” title=”Important ON Page Seo tags”]



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9) Keyword Placement :

Keyword Placement is another important point to keep in the mind.You must place your keywords intelligently.It must be evenly placed across your content. E.g:say you have placed your keyword 10 times in first 200 words and then 2 times in next 200 words.which is not good practice .your keywords must be placed evenly throughout.

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10) Keyword Priority :

Your page is read By bot from top Left to the Bottom right you might wana bot to face Your keyword first.So Firstly you might wana put your main keyword in the h1 tag and keep the same keyword in the bottom end.

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11) Quit Spamming :

You must quit spamming .The content must be of good must never compromise the quality for the SEO.Keep the thing in mind that your Content is made for Humans.

The best SEO thing is that Your content must look normal to the people and also On Page seo is visible to only Robots.

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SO that was All about on page Search engine Optimization(SEO).I hope you liked this post.Tnx for reading this article.

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