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Optimize and Speed up Your Wordpress Blog

Optimize and SpeedUp Your WordPress Blog

Optimize and SpeedUp Your WordPress Blog:

WordPress Blogs and Wp sites can have many plugins and addons,which can cause to slow down your wordpress website performance.For your blog or wordpress website to be more popular it must be fast and properly optimized.It can be considered as a Seo practice for your wordpress blog.

Optimizing and speedUp your wordpress blog is not hard,you gotta have some plans,benchmarks,choosing right plugins,reduction of http requests,optimize your database and css,js files also using caching techniques.

So today here i got Best practices to improve your wordpress blog performance and speed it up.Lets have a look.

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Ways To Improve Your WordPress Blog Performance:

Here are the Way to Improve Your wordpres Blog Performance and Speed it UP.

Setting Up Benchmark and Goals:

You Must Set certain Goals and benchmarks for your wordpress blog for analysis.Comparing to standards you can make changes to your blog according to that which can improve your worpdress site performance.

  • Reduce The Loading Time of Your Page.Make it to load about in 3 or 2 sec .
  • Use the Pingdom Tool To analyse speed.
  • You can use the Tool Website Speed Test ,it may produce different result every time.
  • Google pageSpeed – Use the Google Page speed tool to get your performance report and get recommendations.
  • You can also use yahoo Yslow Browser plugin to check your page performance.
  • Check Your wordpress site performance with the tools like : wireshark , Charles Proxy  and firebug n/w tool .
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Speed Up WordPress : Optimize Js,Css,videos,images and Html :

  • Optimize Images – Optimize the Images in your WordPress Blog.
  • Try To host image files on some other host like Flickr.
  • Compressing Js and CSS – Compress Your Html and js code by elimination of white space,trim out the can compress Css using this plugin – Css Compressor .
  • JS compressor – use Javascript compression ,which can reduce your js file by 60% and boost your wordpress site.
  • Try to Use CssShorhand rather than writting long line eg: use .abc{padding:5px 10px 2px 30px;} rather than .abc{padding-top:5px; padding-right:10px;padding-bottom:2px;padding-left:30px;}
  • validated Html – The HTML must be validated so that too much error wont slow down your website.
  • Allow external Scripts – use external scripts files rather than writting the while script in header.php ,it would make your browser to cache the scripts.
  • Remove Duplicate Scripts – Do not let any script to let load more than once.Some Plugins can cause this issue.
  • All The Images Must have height and Width tags.
  • Never Host video’s on your server.try using Youtube ,vimeo and other services like that.
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Optimize WordPress blog : Reduction of Http calls :-

  • You must reduce the Http calls By merge the file .Eg: if you have four file with css .You must use only one Css .merge them to one.Calling four files takes more time than calling just one.SO that will increase your wordpress blog speed.
  • Minimization of the PHP database Queries.
  • Make The Important Css file which are necessary to load statically rather than load dynamically.this will surely decrease the Http calls.
  • Remove the Excess of External Url calls.
  • Make the content static which always remains the same.
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Speed up WordPress blog : Optimize wordpress database :-

It is important to optimize the database ,So that wordpress blog keeps running smooth and fast.

  • Use PhpMyAdmin to Repair and optimize tables .Phpmyadmin is great tool with lot of options.
  • Delete Useless data from the Database.
  • Remove the Useless tables.Some time a wordpress plugin create a table when you delete the plugin the table is still there,which downgrade your blog  performace.
  • Fix the database error in your wordpress blog using the Plugin :  Fix Database , and try  Optimize DB  plugin to Optimize your database.
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Optimize WordPress blog Server cache & Overloading:

  • Decrease the Server Overloading by caching techniques.
  • Apache Must be configured to give maximum Performance,which will help to optimize and speed up your wordpress site.
  • Choose the Right,don’t get flawed by cheap servers which have very poor service.
  • Use PHP speedy Script to Increase your server Load Time.

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Increase WordPress blog Performance by using Plugins – Wp Plugins :

You can use some awesome wordpress plugins which boost your wordpress blog performance and make it load fast.

  • Wp Super cache : wp super cache is great plugin to optimize your wordpress blog and incease it speed .It caches the page ,means generates the static pages for the dynamic content which reduce calls and reduce queries hence increase the speed.
  • Wp Minify : this is very useful plugin which combines the js and css file and reduce their size,it removes white space ,comments blocks etc.
  • Wp smush It : This plugin reduces the image size in your wordpress blog hence resulting in increasing the wordpress performance.
  • Lazy Loader Plugin – This plugin is jquery based plugin.It reduce wordpress load time as it let wp load only images which are in view port ,so when you scroll down it load those images after scrolling down.
That was All about Increasing the performance of your wordpress blog . I hope you find this post useful .Please hit like ,share if you likes this one.Thx for visitng

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