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cakePHP captcha Component and Helper

cakePHP Captcha Component & Captcha Helper

cakePHP Captcha Component & Captcha Helper :

Hello Guys !! CakePHP Captcha Component and Helper is Used to Implement captcha in Your cakePHP project . This CakePHP captcha component produces Google like captcha . This captcha component comes with captcha helper which is used to add captcha input in your forms.

This captcha Component Comes with many customization options  which we’ll discuss along with the tutorial which will help you implement this captcha component.So lets start with cakePHP captcha component and helper implementation Guide.

if you are looking for capthca component for cakephp 2.0 or above follow this link


cakePHP captcha Component and Helper Demo And Download :

For a Quick View take a look at Live demo and then download the Files of cakePHP captcha Component and Helper class with its resources.


Captcha Component For cake1.3 Demo Captcha Component For cake1.3 Download

cakePHP Captcha Component & Helper  : Implementation Guide –

CakePHP captcha component is very easy to implement .First we look at the Files Hierarchy and See what files are required and where to place them.

cakePHP Captcha Component : Required Files & Files Hierarchy –

Below is the Hierarchy of the Required Files and Folders.The FIles and Folders with red color are the cakePHP captcha Component FIles.You just simply need to Download these From the Link Above or Below this Post and put exactly according to this hierarchy.Although I have made an hierarchy of Folders in the download So you’ll easily understand where to place what.

/App         <-The App folder of your cake project

  • controllers
    • components
      • captcha.php  <- The captcha Component File
  • views
    • helpers
      • captcha.php  <- The Captcha Helper File
  • webroot
    • cakecaptcha   <- Resource Folder of Captcha Component contains fonts & word files.

So i hope You Understand the Hierarchy and the Files required So we move on and see How to make it work So that it can produce real nice Google like captcha codes.

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Usage of cakePHP captcha Component and Helper Classes –

So Lets see the Steps to Implement Our captcha component and helper in our cakePHP project.So we gonna move step by step.Follow each step .

So Firtly download all the files and place them according to hierarchy i defined earlier.then move to our First step.

Step 1 : Include Captcha Component and Helper in our Controller –

So the First Step is to Include the captcha component and helper in our controller where we wana use them.

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Step 2 : Create Method/Action Named captcha in your controller –

The 2nd step is to create a method/action named caption in same controller where we wana use the captcha component and helper.See the captcha function with code just copy it.

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step 3 : Rendering captcha in the view –

The Next Step to render the captcha in the view file so that we get captcha image in our forms .To do so we write the following code in view file .Say we are going to render the captcha in register.ctp view of the users controller action named register .

Eg say File :register.ctp

The above code will just render the captcha in the view but not validate it so lets go ahead and validate it.

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step 5 : validating correct/incorrect captcha code –

Now we have just rendered the captcha,So when user inputs the data along with captcha code the code must be validated so for that we have a simple check function called validateCaptcha for the POST requests and validateGetCaptcha For the Get requests.Usually we use POST forms in cakePHP. Lets say we rendered captcha in register.ctp of the users controllers register action then to validate the captcha we will write the following code in the register action of the users controller.

Eg. Say Function register() –

For the GET Requests –

IF you are using GET method instead of Default Post method in cake. Here  the code going to be.

Eg. Say Function register() –

Thats It! Those are all Steps ,Quite easy .I hope by now your cakePHP captcha component is working fine.But Hey This is not all .You can customize it way you want . SO Lets move to some advanced customization Section .

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cakePHP captcha Component with Helper : Advanced Customization’s –

So Lets move on bit advanced Section see how can we customize our cakePHP’s captcha component and Helper.For Changing the Foreground colors ,appending your own foreground colors to existing colors,using png or jpeg format,chaging the background color etc we write the code following way.

we just need to modify the captcha action we created earlier in the controller.we use the captcha’s configCaptcha method to modify our captcha component.i’m gonna write all possible customization below

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cakePHP captcha : Sorting Common Issues –

While Implementing the captcha component i figured that there is a common issue of path .Like if we try the captcha component on localhost and server the path problem occurs and result is broken.So i Write an customization option for that called “pathType”.

ON my windows Localhost I set pathType=2 and on server there is no need for that option or you can say by default we use pathType=1 which works fine on linux/unix servers.

Here is a Quick fix .Change path type to 1 to 2 or vice versa if captcha doesn’t render .

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Some ScreenShots of the cakePHP Captcha Component with Helper –

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cakePHP captcha Component and Helper Demo And Download :

Download And Live Demo for Google Like Captcha Using cakePHP captcha Component.

Captcha Component For cake1.3 Demo Captcha Component For cake1.3 Download

Conclusion :

I hope You liked this captha component that produces very similar captcha Like Google captcha.Hope this will help you in your cakePHP projects.Please keep visiting if you liked this post .

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8 Replies

  1. Aeon says:

    Thanks Ramandeep.
    Wonderful component.

  2. sreenu says:

    i had tried this but image is not displaying in my ctp file

    1. Ramandeep Singh says:

      which version are you using ? and what error you get.

  3. summer says:

    the $this->Html->image() is throwing a fatal error,

    Fatal error: Call to a member function image() on a non-object in CaptchaHelper file.

    though i tried calling App::uses(‘AppHelper’, ‘View/Helper’);

    but did not helped. i am using 2.0 version

    1. Ramandeep Singh says:

      i have made it yet for version 2.0.I ‘ll make it compatible with 2.0 soon

  4. AiMsIcK says:

    Running on Cakephp 2.x , i don’t have any captcha image, even trying to force de type to 2 like the tutorial…

    Localhost witch Xampp on Windows 7

    Any advices ?

  5. micheal says:

    i can’t show captcha image. it doesn’t notice error. i’m using cakePHP 1.3.6

    plz help me!

    1. Ramandeep Singh says:

      try to change Path type from 1 to 2 or vice-versa

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