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You Tube Carousel Gallery

Youtube Carousel Gallery

Youtube Carousel Gallery :

You Tube carousel Gallery is wordpress Plugin,which fetches you tube Video Thumb and align them in form of carousel.Comes with many Shortcode options and Shortcode Tiny mce button.You Tube carousel Gallery is fast and easy to use.You can change the background Color,caption color ,show/hide scroller and many other shortcode customization options.

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Youtube Carousel Gallery : Plugin Details –

Details For You Tube Carousel Gallery.

You Tube Carousel Gallery :: Change Log-

Version =1.0=

The very First Release of Youtube Carousel Gallery wordpress plugin

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You Tube Carousel Gallery : Features –

The Various Features of You Tube Carousel Gallery

  • Makes Carousel From You Tube Videos Image Thumb.
  • Plays Video In pretty photo on Click.
  • Fetch Images From Channels.
  •  Fetch Images From Video Ids.
  •  Advanced attributes like max results, background, caption color ,scroller etc.
  •  Shows Video Search Results From Youtube Provided query parameter .
  •  Tiny Mce Button For Shortcode.
  •  Many Shortcode attributes for customization.
  •  Fetches Random Video Thumbnail Everytime in default Mode.
  •  Customizable Image Quality (HQ,MQ,default).
  • Compatible Up to WordPress3.4.2
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You Tube Carousel Gallery : Details –

Plugin Details-

Plugin Name You Tube Carousel Gallery
Plugin Aurthor Ramandeep Singh
Aurhor Homepage
Plugin Version 1.0
Description You tube Carousel Gallery Is Used to Fetch You tube video Thumbs from you tube and Make A very nice carousel From them,SO that you can use it on your blog.An Interactive way to Show videos on your blog.
Plugin URL

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You Tube Carousel Gallery : Installation –

You Tube Carousel Gallery Installation Instructions.

  1. Upload the plugin to your blog and just activate it.
  2. Goto your Setting>you tube carousel gallery and then Edit its data as per requirement.
  3. Use Tiny mce editor button to add shortcodes to your editor.
For detailed Instructions see pdf Included.

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Youtube Carousel Gallery : Demos –

The Demos Of You tube Carousel Gallery

You Tube Carousel Gallery – Using Video Ids –

Simple Demo Using Video Ids with Scroller Enable and Default Background:

[ytcarousel vid=’FrN12tVhQPA,2JPo0kdB30c,Vts4J_x_ejk,V-YjBPIzL0M,y_SI2EDM6Lo,COqjmf9GUP0′ captioncolor=’#000′ showscroller=’yes’]


you tube carousel gallery

you tube carousel galllery

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You Tube Carousel Gallery – Using Channel Name –

Fetches Video From a Channel name .Scroll bar Enabled
[ytcarousel channel=’indiatimes’ captioncolor=’#000′ background=’#ececec’ showscroller=’yes’]


you tube Image carousel gallery

you tube carousel gallery

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You Tube Carousel Gallery – Using Search Query –

Fetches Videos Results using Search Query,background option set to WHite –
[ytcarousel max=”30″ query=”kxip” background=”#fff” ]


You tube Carousel gallery

You tube Carousel gallery

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Youtube Carousel Gallery : Download –

Download You Tube Carousel Gallery


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  1. cybohmoob says:

    For some reason this plugin is making my visual editor disappear. I get it back when I disable it.

  2. fabricio says:

    Hi. I want a youtube gallery that did not stop playing when I change post.

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