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Awesome Plugins for WordPress!

Awesome Plugins for WordPress!

Summary: this is an article that highlights the growing importance of WordPress in the market. It describes some of the best Plug INS available for WordPress, by giving a brief description of each while showcasing the usability of them all.

Since the time that blogging and creating websites has become the trend, people cannot but argue regarding the usefulness of WordPress. In fact it has become so popular that more and more people are opting for it.

It is a strong and reliable content management system that offers ease of access to the users. What’s more, it ensures that there is no difficulty for non-technical people as it does not require any knowledge whatsoever, regarding coding.

Awesome Plug INS for WordPress

So, what is it that makes WordPress so special and lovable? A lot of it has to do with the Plug INS offered by it. WordPress offers a host of plugins that help a user to undertake many activities on the website without having to go through any trouble.

They are ready to use kind of softwares which can be downloaded and installed on your site to perform various functions. They are handy and easy with detailed and descriptive instructions that can take care of any required action.

The Awesome ones

The awesome Plugins for wordpress

Buddy Press Plugin for wordpress

BuddyPress Awesome WordPress PLugin

Buddy Press PLugin

I know you have heard of it, but let me describe it in detail. It’s like a picnic box. All bunched up together. Buddy Press basically holds all the social media icons in one single place. It helps you to enable registration, maintain friend’s lists, message others and create groups of people with similar interests.

Buddy Press is a great plug in. it is extremely flexible and enable you to use it for the most by extending functionality in order to integrate with other social media streams, create a membership-only websites and much more.

If you really want to encourage your users to be on your website and participate actively, then Buddy Press is a great option.

WP e-Commerce(wordpress eCommerce plugin)

Wp eCommerce PLugin


wp eCommerce Plugin

Earlier, WordPress was looked at as simply a blogging content Management system, but with this cool new plug in, more and more people are beginning to use WordPress for their eCommerce site. What a great way to earn money easily!

WP e-Commerce transforms your WordPress website into a completely highlighted, all inclusive ecommerce store, with a comprehensive built-in connection to (and integration with) many major Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

The system empowers you to upload products into various categories and offers clients a shopping cart system to let shoppers to shape an order. It handles the calculation of shipping, payment processes and all the email validations and authorizations related to buying and selling on the web.

Vimeography wp Plugin

Vimeography wordpress awesome plugin

Vimeo Graphy WordPress Plugin

Who likes a dull site? No one. Every website is competing today in a market that is hungry for presentation. If you are offering them plain text, no one will come to your site. More and more people are therefore incorporating videos on their site to attract a higher traffic base.

This is where Vimeography comes in handy. It is by far the best video plug in for WordPress. It allows you to upload videos to your site instantly by creating great galleries. This plug in has many inbuilt features that can be used to enhance the overall quality of your videos, thereby creating a bigger impression.

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