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Umbraco Blogging Platform

Best 5 CMS Platforms for Blogging

Best 5 CMS Platforms for Blogging –

It is the era of ceaseless online interactions; every person is using the latest web technologies for interacting within his or her circle. Now, you can spread your voice across the globe just by using simple individual publishing tools such as blog, chat, and social networking sites. Among these interactive tools, the blog is perfect for spreading your voice across the political boundaries of the world. With the help of blog, you can post your self-written articles, photographs, fine-art pieces, and sketches. Considerably, this

medium has created a buzz at international level and turned some bloggers into national and international figures.
Due to such high potential, blogging has now become a career choice among youngsters. In this way, it is needful to know about the best web technologies that supports blogging, because a blog needs to be technically sound for giving a best viewing experience to its viewers. Some of the top 5 CMS platforms that provide blogging facilities are mentioned below:

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WordPress Blogging CMS

WordPress: WordPress is the widely praised content management system, which is known for providing a simply usable blogging platform to its users. It enables you to post resourceful content on your blog with the help of its highly efficient content management system. This CMS neither needs any technical qualifications nor any familiarity with PHP and other programming languages. Thus, an average professional with the flair of computers and internet can operate this blogging tool. Additionally, you can add some resourceful WP Plugins in your blog for enhancing the functionality of your blog.

Reasons to Choose

1-      Easy to use

2-      Suitable for all kinds of contents

3-      Connects you with wide range of WP Bloggers

Notable Users:

1-      The New York Times

2-      Buzz Machine

3-      Tech Crunch

Best CMS Platforms For Blogging WordPress

WordPress Blogging CMS

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Joomla Blogging CMS

Joomla: Joomla is the most trusted content management system, which is known for providing useful blogging tool to its users. This blogging tool is used by the technically sound blogger all around the world. It seems the best option for technically advanced bloggers, who wish to have a far more flexible and functional blog platform for their blogging tasks. Although, Joomla’s community addition is a suitable choice for initiate your blogging career, but you can also take help of customizable Joomla modules for increasing functional features of your blog.

Reasons to choose:

1-      Technically sound platform

2-      Customizable Joomla Modules

Best Cms Platforms for the Blogging

Joomla Blogging Platform

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Drupal Blogging CMS

Drupal: Drupal is the top blogging favored content management system, which is known for bringing search engine friendliness in blog content. It has the default search engine friendly aspects that keep the blog content optimized for bringing the targeted visitors. Owing to such qualitative features, it is becoming the preferential blogging tool among advanced bloggers, who possess the understanding of development. In short, Drupal provides you the option of having a blog with simple and decent layout.

Reasons to Choose:

1-      Bulk Uploading facility

2-      Auto Installer

3-      Extension of Drupal features

Drupal Blogging Platform

Drupal BLogging Platform

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Umbraco Blogging CMS

Umbraco: It is the .Net based blogging tool, which is backed by Microsoft. This Blogging tool gives you the full controls over design aspects. In this way, you will be able to install flash silverlight content on your blog.

Reasons to Choose:

1-      Support to flash and silver-light content

2-      Use by the top bloggers of the world

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Notable Users:

1-      Heinz

2-      ABBA sites.

Umbraco Blogging Platform

Ubraco Blogging Platform

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MovableType Blogging CMS

Movable Type: It is a pretty cool blogging tool with impactful features. It is like one stop publishing solutions. With the help of this blogging tool, you can create beautiful blog for your blogging career. Perhaps, it is not the free CMS based blogging tool, you would have to pay for using this.

Reasons to choose:

1-      Attractive features

2-      Back-end Support feature

Movable Type Blogging CMS

Movable TYpe Blogging CMS

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All of the above mentioned CMS tools are appropriate for using as the blogging platform, but you can easily notice the dominance of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The open source nature is behind such popularity of these platforms, but these platforms are also technically sound and updated with the latest innovation. Thus, you can choose any one of them for initiating your blogging career.

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