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How To Create Jquery Accordion menu

How to Create Accordion Menu In Jquery

How to Create Accordion Menu In Jquery :-

jQuery Accordion can be created easily using jquery ui .although in situation you only need accordion out of entire jquery-ui ,i would recommend you to use this Jquery tiny script that i have created for Creating Accordion Menu.So Today m gonna Demonstrate a Script that will teach you how to create a Accordion menu in Jquery.Lets Move and See jquery accordion menu tutorial.

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How to Create Jquery Accordion Menu : Tutorial –

Lets us learn How to Create Pretty Jquery Accordion menu Without using Jquery Ui library.Lets us first see What we are going to is the Final result.

Jquery Accordion Menu Final Screens :-

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Jquery Accordion Menu Bar HTML Structure :-

Firstly Create HTML structure,Its gonna be quite Simple  Mark up .We are gonna use HTML list element for this purpose.Lets take a look at html code for Jquery Accordion Menu.

As you can See this is quite simple structure like any menu bar structure in HTML.Lets Style it with some CSS.

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How To Create Jquery Accordion :Adding Css Styles-

Now We gonna Add Some Css to our code to make it look like an Accordion.Lets take a Look at Css styles.

Copy This Css Code use it for menu bar html structure.Now You Menu bar will Look like Jquery Accordion.Still it wont work without the Accordion Script ,which m gonna write below now.

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Jquery Accordion Menu Bar :Adding Jquery Code –

Now We gonna Add Jquery Code to Our Accordion Menu Bar .which will make it work like an accordion.The query code is real simple and easy.its just a small snippet.Lets take a look.

Add the Above Jquery Code to your script file ,and see the magic.Now your accordion will be working .ah That was easy.I hope You liked this tutorial.You can see live demo and Download sample code from link Below.

Accordion Menu Jquery : Live Demo & Download Sample Source

See the Live Demo and Download the Sample Source.

[jbutton icon=”globe” link=”” newpage=”yes”]LIVE DEMO[/jbutton][jbutton link=”” icon=”download”]Download Accordion Menu[/jbutton]

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