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How to Develop Fast Loading Website

How to Develop a Fast Loading Website

How to Develop a Fast Loading Website

You have created the most attractive website with which you are confident of generating huge traffic. However, what will you do if your site takes a long time to load? The users who try visiting your website are definitely not going to wait till the page gets loaded. If the website does not open in a couple of seconds, many tend to close it and move on to the next website. This definitely takes a hit on the number of visitors to your website and in turn your business. Here are a few tips to develop a fast loading website:

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Developing a Fast Loading Website:

lets see key points to load a website fastly

Optimize your website:

When you want to load heavy content like pictures on your page, optimize them to the Internet. By optimizing, you will be able to reduce the file size of your images and thus your page gets loaded faster. When you have normal size images, your page might take a lot of time to load due to the file size. Make use of GIF files at lower optimizations for the graphics available on your page. PNG or bitmap files take a lot of time to load, so try not to use them. Highly compressed Jpeg files could be good substitutes.

Poorly optimized data can also slow down your computer. If you don’t know how to optimize your data, simply search through Google to get a better idea on how effectively you can optimize your content. There are myriad ways to effectively optimize which offers maximum performance.

Web hosting distance:

The distance between the place where you live and your web host does matter. If your host is really far, you might want to consider someone nearby. Finding your web host is not a complex procedure. All you have to do is take up a ping test. Once the test is done and if it shows your host is from a different country, it is better look for a nearer host. Your loading will be faster when your web host is nearer.

Nowadays, you can host your website for a cheap price. Though this does not take a major hit on your revenue, the companies charging less might be making use of less competent equipments. This might affect your load time. This means when a visitor tries to open the page, it might take him longer than necessary. You have to remember a simple rule of thumb: you get only for what you paid. Don’t expect quality hosting when you go for really cheap services.


Another way of enhancing the time taken to load your site is by enabling PHP caching. The cache will instruct the browser to load the page immediately and then retrieve other files like pictures or videos later. Using this method, the user just has to wait only a single time to view the page. This is a better strategy to sue as visitors might wait for the images to load when they can easily access the page. 

Small CSS files:

When your CSS size is big, the loading time goes up. Try keeping the size to less than 75KB especially when you run a smaller website. This might be difficult when you have a bigger website with lots of sub-pages, graphics and pictures. In such cases you cannot keep your CSS at a lesser file size and you might have to exceed the number. In such cases, you can monitor your website on a regular basis and remove the unwanted codes you haven’t used recently.

Minimize the usage of JavaScript:

Simple codes will enable faster page loads. When you use too complex codes, it might take a lot of time for your page to load. One way to compress your JavaScript is by removing the comments. This effectively removes the line breaks and constructs your JavaScript into long sentences. However, this might make it harder for you to read the code. Be sure of what you are doing. If you are not confident in removing the line scripts, keep them intact as it gets really hard to undo what you have done!

These are a few tips you can consider when you want your website to load faster. The bandwidth a visitor uses also plays a key role in the loading time. Ensure you encrypt your page in such a way that your page loads easily even with a less bandwidth or a basic internet connection.

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