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how to Use pinterest for seo

How to use Pinterest for SEO benefits

How to use Pinterest for SEO benefits

Every year there’s another social networking site claiming to be the next big thing. 2012 appears to be the chance of Pinterest – an image-based website where users can pin images to virtual boards from all around the web. But as a business, how do you know which websites to invest your time in, and which ones to bypass as just another failed attempt to take on Facebook?

It’s time to take a look at the business benefits.

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Using Pinterest for SEO benefits

The beauty of Pinterest is that there isn’t anything quite like it at the moment floating around in the ether. However, both eBay and Facebook are launching their own version of the same tool, which shows they must see some value in the platform. Then there are the statistics. Pinterest now has over 10 million registered users and more than twice as many visitors. It has been earmarked as the quickest growing standalone website and clearly has an avid following, with certain niches very prevalent among its audiences.

Targeted audience On Pinterest

On Pinterest, 80 percent of the user-base is female, which explains why fashion and home stores have found a very comfortable abode for their images here. The site is used to provide everything from inspiration to shopping wish lists, so a business with a product to sell – from kitchen appliances to nail polish – can find a place to promote its products.

If your business isn’t female-centric, it is still worth taking a look at the website as part of your marketing strategy. Organisations including IBM are using it too – providing “forward thinking pins on what makes the world work better” – and proving that technology-driven B2B businesses can also boost their profiles through the use of images. Remember; the site also caters for videos, graphics and info-graphics, so you don’t always have to get your hands on alluring photographs.

Using Links on Pinterest For SEO

One of the inherent benefits of Pinterest is that every image is anchored to a link to its original source of publishing. This means that each time one of your images gets pinned or re-pinned, there is yet another backlink created, providing referral traffic and boosting your rank in Google.

The ideal scenario would be an image that goes viral, with every re-pin begetting another link. However, failing that, a great starting point is setting up a pin-board of your own and pinning your products/images to it. The best images are innovative, beautiful, informative or entertaining.

SEO Search rankings

Google crawls Pinterest’s content so this is another place to try to beat the competition in terms of keyword ranking. Make sure you use your key terms when optimising your images, as well as in the descriptions, for maximum effect.

SEO Image content

Unlike other social networking websites, Pinterest’s focus is on images. This provides an opportunity for businesses to get ahead of their competition, particularly since the platform is still a new entity in the world of social media. To make the most out of your presence on Pinterest, invest in the creation of some quality graphics, providing appealing content that gets pinned more frequently. Small businesses can make their products look more attractive to pinners using lifestyle shots. You might even like to get a little bit arty and Instagram your images for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Businesses that offer a service rather than a product would do better by posting info-graphics, which display interesting information in an innovative way. So if you have the resources, now is the time to put your designers to good use.

Your personal pin-boards For SEO

To get the most out of Pinterest, it is imperative that you take the time to create your own pin-boards. Don’t just post your own product images though; this is a community-based website after all. Instead, immerse yourself in the platform and start sharing other people’s images by pinning them to your own boards.

For example, as a white goods retailer, Appliances Online could share images of innovative laundry rooms, where a washing machine becomes more than a bog-standard accessory and more of a feature. Like in this sensation setup:

how to Use pinterest for seo

Pinterest SEO

By offering something in addition to your own products, your business starts to operate as part of the online community. This makes other users feel more inclined to share your original pins.

So, if you aren’t already using Pinterest, now is the time to get on board and start harnessing the SEO potential of the site.

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This article was written by Rachel Hurley who writes for Appliances Online. When she isn’t working on new SEO strategies, she enjoys grabbing a glass of wine and relaxing on the couch. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Hurley23


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