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wireframe tools that give edge to webdesign

Wireframe Tools That Give Edge to Web Designer

Wireframe Tools That Give Edge to Web Designer :

Designing is the first requisite of a web development company. Website designing is a very extensive field of work and there are several intricate details and dimensions that a web designer has to address while executing a design. For the variety of elements included in day to day designing, designers have to be on their toes to make every nook and corner of a website appear attractive and creative. One web design element that tests the creativity of a designer to extreme levels is wireframe development.

Wire framing is a very essential designing aspect as it supports the entire web design, beginning from its very initial stage. With the ability to detect any errors at an early stage, wire framing proves to be a resourceful tool for website designers worldwide. Developing wireframes might have been a tedious task, but with several handy tools available over the internet, it has become a matter of few working hours. This post takes a sneak peek into some of the most widely used wire framing tools that can aid designers in simplifying their designing process.

Wireframe Tools That Give Edge to Web Designer :

Here are some wireframing tools that a web designer needs

1. Pidoco:

If you want to test your creativity to extreme levels, then you must use Pidoco. Pidoco comes integrated with features which allow you to work in your creative spree without any boundations. Web-based prototyping software, Pidoco, can be used to create UI prototypes and clickable wireframes for enterprise wide mobile and web applications. It incorporates smart collaborating and sharing options and also comes with easy-to-use usability testing modules. If you use Pidoco you get the advantage of remotely running usability tests, cut-short development time and real-time association.

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2. Cacoo:

Cacoo is an online drawing tool that allows designers to create several diagrams including UML and network charts, site maps and wireframes. With Cacoo, you will get access to some amazing never-seen-before drawing tools that will make your designing experience worthwhile. This tool is free to access and use and comes with benefits such as drawing variety of diagrams, various functionalities such as background sheets, stencils, freehand options, aligning functionality etc. and real-time collaboration. Moreover, installing and using Cacoo is easy. All you need is a PC, a working internet connection and a web browser.

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3. Mockflow:

Mocklflow is not just a wire framing tool. Mockflow proves to be an essential tool for every web page designer. It allows you to design and integrate high-end user interface concepts in your websites and software. You save a lot of time while working on Mockflow, as it can create intricate visual concepts in a snap. Moreover, using this tool you can directly share your design concepts with your clients. The biggest advantage of using Mockflow is that it can be accessed in both online and offline modes. This means even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can easily design from anywhere, thanks to the hybrid nature of the tool. It also comes as a boon for mobile designers as it can be viewed on mobile interfaces such as tablets and smart phones.

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4. Gomockingbird:

Web design and development involves use of several strategies and techniques. If you are a designer who works on outsource web development projects and is short of time, then gomockingbird is the right web tool for you. It helps you save both time and money. This tool makes life simpler as it allows easy creation, linking, previewing and sharing or markups. You can attempt frictionless wire framing with this tool. It allows you to play with ideas and experiment with wireframes until you finalize the one that suits your needs the most.

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5. PencilProject:

Pencil Project is a free to use open-source software that is loaded with some great features that provide support to your web design at a very initial phase. It helps you in graphic user interface prototyping and making diagrams which simplify your designing venture. Some other premium features offered by this tool are inter-page linking, easy GUI prototyping, easy exporting to different output formats, built-in shape collections and diagram drawing support. The latest version of the tool is PencilProject 2.0.2 which has been released with several bug-fixes and various enhancements.

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6. HotGloo:

This tool is aptly called the future of wire framing. HotGloo is a perfect wire framing tool for designers who are seeking support at the very nascent stage of website designing. It gives you access to website wireframe development as and when you want. It simplifies wire framing to such an extent that you would have never experienced before. The security feature of this tool is a special attraction. You need not worry about lost work anymore. With HotGloo you get the advantage of auto-saving and the backup of all your work is automatically saved on the server. This makes HotGloo reliable, secure and safe.

Designers are a pivotal resource for any web development company as they give development ideas and consolidate face and frame. If you are a web designer and are looking for tools to enhance your capability, then you must give the aforementioned tools a considerable thought.

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    Ramandeep – I was looking for some good tools – I’ve been using Omnigraffle, which is heavier weight than my previous favorite, Balsamiq. Which of these tools worked better for you – from reading the descriptions there was really not enough information to compare their strengths except for which platform they run on and whether they require internet connections.

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