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srartup tips for web designers

3 Tips for Startup Web Designers to Create Websites

3 Tips for Startup Web Designers to Create Websites :

There is a commonality to newbie designers and startups that is difficult to overlook. Both have this innate thirst to do something different, do everything and anything to get the competitive edge, and chart a course that allows them to compete against the big players in their niches – In the case of web designers, it is the experienced designers while in the case of startups, it is the big businesses that are already well entrenched in their niche.

It is my personal opinion that newbie designer and a startup are like a match made in heaven. Pardon my mushy cliché, but I failed to find another phrase to illustrate the appropriateness of their association. Of course, this association will happen when startups choose the services of budding website designers, who have just started out in this domain, to create a website for them.

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3 Tips for Startup Web Designers to Create Websites :

In the event that this happens there are certain things that all inexperienced designers need to keep in mind for achieving website designing success:

srartup tips for web designers

Tips For Webdesign Begginers

Effective Collaboration is the Key

You are just starting out, so it makes sense for you to collaborate with other designers for getting insights into web design. No, you don’t need to make them a part of your project, but just get help in an informal manner. This can be done by joining various designing forums and sharing your ideas with them. There are plenty of forums habited by experience, proficient and astute designers who are willing to help their fellow designers. For them, it all comes under the ambit of sharing their hard earned knowledge with others. So don’t feel ashamed to take help to enhance your concept and check whether you are going on the right track.

You need to get the essence of what the startup is all about and how to best project its brand by way of a website. As can be imagined, this is not an easy task, and this is why you need to collaborate with the best brains in the business, by using the various networks and communities at your disposal.

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Go For Responsiveness

It’s important to note that the days when websites were only accessed through desktop or even laptops are long gone. They are now accessed by using portable devices, like Smartphones and tablets as well. Therefore, it makes great designing sense if you focus on responsive web design that displays efficiency on any and every device. This also makes perfect business sense for startups as well, who want their website to be seen by a wider audience.

So enter responsive web design. It’s important that the desktop version for your website easily translates into mobile. Your design must be such that it operates with full clarity irrespective of the size of the display screen. So, if a website visitor is accessing your website through his mobile device, he shouldn’t be made to peer into the screen of the device to make sense of your website design.

The key to responsive web design is going for minimalist website design. This is the kind of design wherein you only use those features and design elements that are absolutely essential for making an impression on your website’s visitors.

As a website designer just starting out, it’s important to understand that minimalist doesn’t mean simplistic. In fact it’s easier to create a website design with varying degrees of complexity as compared to a design that is minimalist.

But you need to make the required effort, whatever the case.

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Impact Design

Minimalist or not, complex or simple, your website’s design must stand out from the crowd. After all, you are designing a website for a startup that needs to stand up and assert its presence from amongst the already well-entrenched players in its niche. So, an ‘also ran’ website design is not going to help reap rich dividends. The need of the hour is to stand out from the crowd, which in turn will help the website improve the startup’s brand value.

But, it’s important to understand that striking visuals should not come at the cost of functionality. You need a site that not only looks good, but also is easily understood by the website’s visitors. Sacrificing the usability of the website is definitely not an option.

So, here they are. Three tips to keep in mind if you are a budding web designer and have been tasked with the design of a website for a startup. But, one must always try and identify and implement the essential tips that will help fine tune the design of the website and make it more effective.

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