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Why Best Web Hosting Relies On Regular Hardware Updates

Why best web host relies on regular hardware updates

Why best web host relies on regular hardware updates

Web Hosting is a essential part of the web.So it is very important that your hosting company update hardware regularly to keep running your websites smoothly.A regular updated web host is great for your website.these days server hardware changes very frequently as technology is changing.That is why best web hosting relies on regular hardware updates.

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Why best web host relies on regular hardware updates

these are the key pints about web host updates

Ask your hosts how often they upgrade

One of the reassuring aspects of working with an established webhosting company is that they do update their hardware every couple of years, in order to keep the service they provide as fast and efficient as possible for their customers.  It is always worth asking what policy the company has on changing equipment before committing to a webhosting package; a cheaper bundle may well look enticing but you have to question if the cost is actually based on poor investment in the infrastructure of the business.

The other factor to take into consideration is what hardware they are choosing to replace.  Plenty of webhosting advertisers will tell customers that they have the most up to date equipment, but try asking if this is throughout the configuration, or just for their most recent servers.

Some hardware may be five years old or more

Many hosts will be reluctant to replace equipment that is still doing its job, despite its age, and we could be talking more than five years old for some hardware.  They will only consider buying replacements if there is no hope of resurrection, and in the meantime customers are having service to their websites interrupted at too-regular intervals until the decision is made.

A good percentage of webhosting businesses will start off with excellent hardware but a significant number will keep flogging their machines as long as possible, even when service is becoming noticeably less responsive and finally the weakened server gives up the ghost.  Then customers are expected to celebrate their move across to the new hardware, when actually what would have been far preferable would have been updating the equipment at the correct times in the first place and preserving 24/7 website access as initially promised.

Why is hardware not replaced?

The reasons for some less well established web hosting companies prolonging the life of their hardware beyond the point of no return are mixed, but none of them benefit customers.  A significant factor is the hours of work involved and the associated cost.  Data has to be moved from multiple machines, then the whole lot tested and individual issues identified (there are always issues), and there is also often a considerable amount of time where customers are having their website access disrupted.

Mediocre or outstanding?

The best webhosting companies don’t take such risk with their customers’ loyalty and trust, and anticipate renewal of hardware before it becomes desperately urgent.  Shared hosting packages for instance will be subject to having shared servers upgraded every two years, having CPUs replaced with higher performance models and increasing RAM by several times to cope with the extra workload.  More storage and faster drives may well feature in the upgrading project, so customers get quicker access times.

The difference between mediocre webhosting and the top ranking providers is the time and effort they spend on keeping everything behind the scenes running like clockwork, and although this may be reflected in higher prices overall, customers need to weigh up how cheap and actually not so cheerful is ultimately going to affect their sales and profits.

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