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jquery ajax contact form

jQuery Ajax Contact Form

jQuery Ajax Contact Form :

hello guys! jQuery Ajax Contact Form is a Good and fast way to communicate though web forms.Ajax is used for this purpose.Instead of submitting for in normal manner we submit forms post data via jquery ajax mehods. So today im gonna try to demonstrate that how ajax contact form work  or how to make ajax contact form.

jQuery Ajax Contact Form : Tutorial –

lets get started with the tutorial of jquery ajax contact form.we gonna work in steps so that you easily digest ajax contact form.Firstly we gonna see forms Markup and then move in step by step.

jquery contact form – The HTML –

firstly let make a html form.


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Ajax Contact Form – CSS :

Now we gonna style our AjaxContact Form .take a look at style.

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Now its time to add Jquery to ajax make contact form working.

AJAX Contact Form – Jquery Post Request & Validaion –

here in script file we gonna add validation and send post request to the process.php via jquery.the form submit will always return false cause we do not want to reload the page.we just  send ajax post request to process.php and receive a confirmation message


Now We are going to handle the post data in backend which is process.php file,and process.php returns confirmation
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Ajax contact form – Handling Post request –

Now we gonna handle post request in process.php.lets have a look.

I hope you are good in php and understand the code above which handles Jquery post request

jQuery AJAX Contact Form – Live Demo and Download :

lets see the live demo of jquery ajax contact form .

Live Demo Download


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