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Why it is essential to have html5 knowledge

Why Is It Essential For Web Designers To Have Knowledge of HTML 5?

Why Is It Essential For Web Designers To Have Knowledge of HTML 5?

HTML 5 is a next generation web standard which gives a new dimension to web design. This fifth upgraded version of the commonly used markup language HTML, is supported on many a web browser available now a days and does not require plug-ins support such as Flash and Java. This has generated a lot of interest in the web designer communities, who are looking forward to make use of it in the near future. Let us take a look at the benefits provided by HTML 5, which make it immensely popular among the designers:


Benefits of HTML 5 that are difficult to ignore –

Eliminates complexity:

HTML 5 is simple, clean and needs fewer markups to achieve even the trickiest layouts.


Can perform tasks of XHTML/HTML 4:

It brings to designers the capabilities of both HTML 4 and XHTML along with the data handling and multimedia capacities provided by XML and Flash respectively.


Introduces new features:

HTML 5 provides a completely new set of features that are compatible with the new capabilities of the browsers like Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Easy to understand:

The new elements in HTML 5, are very clearly defined and so, even a novice can understand what tasks the elements or attributes perform, making it easy to understand.


Interactive websites:

Making interactive websites easily is possible with HTML 5 as this new technology makes it possible to implement forms, multi-media and interface elements in the websites without any hassle.


Makes websites compatible on mobiles:

HTML 5 is mobile-friendly as it helps build websites that are compatible on a number of web browsers used by mobile devices.

It offers tremendous scope for app development and responsive design, making it the best choice for the users and designers alike.

HTML 5 brings with itself, certain typical features due to which, it is compatible on multiple web browsers and hence, used to make some of the most interesting web solutions for both mobile devices as well as computers. These features are:


It helps designers create interactive graphics, charts and graphs, games or other animations; that too without the need of any plug-in support.


Smarter forms:

HTML 5 forms are smarter and faster. Built with the browsers’ controls, the text-inputs, search boxes and other associated fields get much better at the time of validating data or interacting with other page elements.



Not limited to a single API or browser tool, the HTML 5 Geolocation feature is capable of finding any location and it can be used in many applications to meet the purpose of tagging, maps etc. without using plug-ins or a third-party API.



Although it is in its nascent stage, HTML 5 allows you to embed audio and video, which have a faster loading time on all kind of devices.


Web application:

HTML 5 makes it easy to build wikis, discussion boards, real-time chats, drag and drop tools, and other similar elements into any website. These will work just the same on any given browser.


Interactive attributes:

Now users can manipulate attributes such as ‘draggable’ and ‘required’ in HTML 5. These attributes, provide interactivity that previously required advanced development knowledge and scripting.

So, if you are a web designer who is still not aware of HTML 5, it is time to update your knowledge in this wonderful technology and use it in your forthcoming web design projects. I am sure that once you master it, no one can stop you from achieving excellent results.


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