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integrate google analytics to wordpress

How to Integrate Google Analytics in WordPress?

How to Integrate Google Analytics in WordPress?

Are you a website owner? If yes, you might be well-aware of the importance of Google Analytics in your WordPress site. Google Analytics is the success factor of your WordPress site. This tool is used to monitor the sites statistics related to the traffic generated. Google Analytics does this job for you at no cost. Google Analytics is important for all bloggers because it keeps track of:

  • The traffic that visits your site
  • Things they do while on your site
  • The time frame when maximum traffic gets diverted
  • The place from where the traffic is generated
  • Their reaction to the site’s content

Method to signup for Google Analytics

Signing up a Google Analytic account is simple and free of cost. You need to visit the ‘Google Analytics Signup Page’ to create an account. If you already own an account with gmail, you can use the same email to login. If no, you need to create a brand new email address. Once you login, a box with ‘Sign Up’ button pops up on the screen. All the fields that appear thereafter will be in simple language. Enter your website details including URL, Country, Account name and Time Zone.

You are also required to enter your contact details and agree to the terms mentioned in the box. As soon as this step is completed, you will receive a code that has to be pasted on your website. This step is the important part of signup and do not close the screen. Copy paste the code in a notepad, word or HTML editor and then paste it in your site.

Now, you have successfully signed up for Google Analytics.

Methods to install Google Analytics

The next step is to install Google Analytics in your WordPress site. This can be done using three diverse methods.

  • Direct Paste

The code that you received after signing up has to be pasted in the footer.php of the theme, which can be found on top of the </body> tag.

  • Functions.php

The unique code that was given to you while signing up has to be pasted in the functions.php file of the theme.

  • Plugins

Plugins are available in plenty and you can pick your desired one to install Google Analytics. Experts suggest using a simple plugin to arrive at best and quick results. The code has to be placed in the settings page of the plugin you have chosen.

Once the installation is complete go back to the signup screen and click on ‘Save’ and ‘Finish.’ Immediately the overview of your site analytic page appears on the screen. You will not be able to locate any details as Google takes a time span of 12-24 hours to provide the stats.

Most Popular Plugins

Google Analyticator

This plugin is most popularly used to integrate Google Analytics to the WordPress site. It is packed with plenty of options to configure the settings and provide two different methods to view the statistics of your site. It is designed with a front-end widget, which shows the hit count of every single page. To get detailed data, the admin area can be accessed. It has a widget that contains all the statistics up-to-date. Its important features are:

  • Front-end widget and Dashboard widget with the latest statistical data
  • Asynchronous tracking
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Capability to track external links, outbound links and site speed
  • Supports all types of advanced tracking codes from Google

Google Analytics Dashboard

This is a unique plugin, which displays statistics straight in the WordPress Dashboard. The greatest advantage of this plugin is, it does not require you to log in to the account in order to check the statistics. This plugin also stands out among many by collecting tons of data resulting in large sized tables. You may have to keep an extra eye on the SQL series while analyzing the statistical data. If you like to have a control over the table size, changes can be made in the functions.php file. This plugin is an excellent source to monitor all the data without having the need to leave the WordPress site.


WordPress offers you plenty of choices to install the free Google Analytics. Having known the importance of GA in your site, you can decide on which way to install it in your site. You can also find several other plugins online with mind-blowing features. Make the best choice to become successful


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