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Flickr Image Gallery

Flickr Carousel Gallery

Flickr Carousel Gallery-

Flickr carousel galllery is used to fetch images from flickr via user id,query tag, etc.Flickr carousel gallery uses flickr api to fetch images and show them in nice lightbox  wordpress carousel image gallery is very easy to carousel gallery comes with lots of do not need to worry about the shortcode as shortcode button comes with this as well.


Flickr Carousel Gallery  : Plugin Details

lets take a look at plugin details

Flickr  Gallery : Changelog


This is the First release of Plugin.


Flickr Image Gallery : Plugin details

Plugin Name Flickr Carousel Gallery
Plugin URL
Description wordpress flickr image gallery used to fetch flickr images usingflickr api
Version 1.0
Author Ramandeep Singh
Author HomePage
Licence GPLv2


Flickr Image Gallery : features

  • Fetches Flickr Images via Username
  • show Flickr images in lightbox
  • search photos using tags
  • fully compatible with wordpress 3.5.1


Flickr  Gallery : installation

flickr carousel gallery installation is very easy.just like every plugin just upload and activate the plugin.


Flickr carousel Gallery :Screenshots

Flickr Carousel Gallery

Flickr Carousel Gallery


Flickr Image Gallery : Download

download flickr image gallery

[jbutton icon=”download” link=”” newpage=”yes”]Download Flickr Image Gallery[/jbutton]

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  1. Wilson says:

    Any working demo?
    Thank you

    1. repothemes says:

      This Flickr Carousel Gallery is similar with Window media slide show.

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