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Wp add plugin to directory

How to Add WordPress Plugin to Directory in Windows

Hello Friends ! Long time no Post .So here i wanted to post this post about about “How Do we Add WordPress Plugin to Resposity or Directory Using Windows Interface” . Also How’s the new design treating you.I hope you liked it..Now lets Move on.

So first take a look at requirements .eg what we need to post a plugin to wordpress Directory.

Requirements for Posting Plugin to Worpress Respository(Directory) :

  • A plugin Created By you (LOL)
  • Need a Softwate called Tortoise SVN.

I guess thats all You need.

First things First .Please Learn how to create plugin in wordpress Codex to continue reading this one.Oh! i should have put that line on top.Anyways let move on to Next Steps.

Submit Plugin Request At WordPress Plugin Directory : –

  • Go To wordpress Plugin Directory and login with your account.
  • Navigate to developer Center and click on add new plugin.
  • Submit the form which includes plugin name , detail and link to the zip containing the actual plugin.
  • Then click on the send .
  • you plugin will reviewed by the wordpress developers and new repository will be created for may take up to 24 hours.
  • Mean while you can download the tortoise SVN program for windows.

Publishing Your New WordPress Plugin

    • Create a New folder in you PC say “your-plugin-name”.
    • open the folder and right click and then click on SVN checkout .
    • A new window will open and you paste your plugin respository url there and click OK.
    • You will be asked for  your username and password .fill them and click ok.
    • After that you will see some folders being move to Folder called trunk.
    • Put all your plugin files in the trunk folder and right click and Select SVN COMMIT.
    • You will be asked to enter a message;Enter Something that describe things.  Eg : Adding Plugin “plugin Name Version 1.0”
    • Double check  that the select all option is ticked, and then click OK
    • you will be asked for your wordpress credential again.
    • Then After that Right click on the trunk folder again, and select TortoiseSVN > Branch / Tag
    • For the To URL field, ensure it has your plugin SVN URL, with /tags/1.0 added to the end.  For example
    • Check to HEAD revision.
    • Message = Tagging your plugin Version 1.0
    • Click OK

Wow Your New Plugin has Been Published.

Now Lets See How can We update the Plugin.

Updating the Plugin in wordpress plugin directory : –

If  you have added new functionality to your plugin or improvements have been made and you want to update it to the repository .Then do follow the following Steps:

  • Copy the content of truck folder.Make Changes to them.
  • And Most important keep in mind to update your Plugin version in PHP file and Some necessary changes in the Readme.txt file.
  • Following changes are Required For updation in readme doc
    • Requires at least
    • Tested up to
    • ChangeLog
  • Then After that Right click on trunk folder and Slelect SVN Commit.
  • Add your Message as = Adding PluginName Version 2.0 or whatever version
  • Tick Show unversioned files
  • Select / deselect all = ticked
  • Click OK

This will update the trunk folder in repository and your plugin users will see a message to update their plugin in dashboard.

I would Also Recommend to tag Each version so That incase you want to rollback.See how to do that as well

  • Right click  on the trunk folder again
  • SELECT –  TortoiseSVN > Branch / Tag
  • To URL = tags/x.y(x and y are version count ,say x is for major release ,y for minor)
  • SELECT option HEAD revision in the repository
  • Give a nice message say : tagging version x.y for plugin name
  • Click OK


That’s it you have sucessfully tagged plugin verison as well.So now you know how you add wordpress plugin from windows interface.

I hope you will find this one useful.




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