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JQuery Plugins Must use in Designing

The best jQuery Plugins that you must make use of when designing websites

When it comes to jQuery, it is a known fact that it has revolutionized the web development field by offering easy and quick solutions to problems that were once even considered complicated. The user experience has undergone a massive change since and web development has seen an immense amount of progress since. Creating a responsive web design has become the order of the day and therefore, it is increasingly important for any web developer or web designer to pay complete attention to this aspect. However, there is a high possibility that this procedure may essentially slow down the page load times on different devices and therefore, you may have to spend a colossal amount of time trying to inspect and analyze the root cause. However, with the availability of the plethora of jQuery plugins, this problem can be solved in a matter of minutes, thus enabling responsive websites to load faster and perform better. Given below is a list of jQuery plugins that must be used to support every web development and designing project.

1.)   Menu-Aim:

This jQuery plugin has been created in such a way that it can actually predict what action a particular user wishes to take when they want to use the menu to navigate through the website. When it comes to using the menu of the website, there are only two possible outcomes that you can expect; the user may either want to enter a different page by clicking on the submenu that appears when you hover over the main menu or they may want to simply hover over this submenu item. Based on how the users mingle with the content of the menu, this plugin predicts the future course of the users’ actions so as to avoid jittery outcomes when the submenu is selected. This ensures a superior user experience when it comes to navigation through menus.

2.)   Unslider:

This is a jQuery plugin that every web developer must make use of. Ideally, it helps create image sliders that are popular on ecommerce websites or business websites that help showcase the products and services. The fact that it works extremely well with a responsive web design makes it very appealing to developers. Besides, it also possesses the capabilities to adjust the height of the slider as per the dimensions of the browser or device on which the website is being launched sans any hassle of additional coding.


3.)   MixItUp:

As the name suggests, this jQuery Plugin is used to randomly display content belonging to a particular category in your website. The animation that is used for the transformation is extremely fluid and smooth and makes the entire website look extremely professional. However, if you wish for a different transition, you can do so by simply selecting the favourable option using ‘easing’ function. There are also various filters from which you can choose and the ‘sort’ option displays a list from which you can sort out the content for displaying. The fact that it can be used for commercial purposes makes it extremely user friendly for eCommerce websites.


4.)   Magnific Popup:

Essentially, this plugin that has been designed for jQuery is originally a lightbox plugin. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that this plugin is extremely lightweight and the fact that it is extremely compatible with the varied devices is an added advantage. Using this plugin speeds up your website on every device or browser that it is launched on. Besides, it also works extremely well on devices boasting of a higher PPI like the Retina display feature of the several Apple devices.

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Marlene Kramer is a web developer and is known for creating stunning and alluring responsive web design layouts for well known clients including a plethora of multinational companies. She loves using plugins extensively as they provide immense benefits.

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