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Wordpress issue traker

An Issue Tracker On the Way For WordPress Documentation

An Issue Tracker On the Way For WordPress Documentation

As we all know that WordPress Documentation is all about to enhance, and currently trying to involve and contributing to documentation is quite confusing. We all know that it is not easy to find gaps or missing pieces that need attention except you know the current docs inside and out.

Here where the requirement of issue tracker comes into existence. First and foremost important point that we need to discuss is what is WordPress documentation issue tracker? Let’s have a look:

A doc issues tracker is to documentation what track is to code. Using issues tracker, one can get a central place where he/she can easily report and track progress on issues particularly to documentation.

Firstly, this idea comes from the WordPress Documentation Team. Siobhan McKeown cited majorly two important problems that the issue tracker will solve, when she outlined the idea for the first tracker.

  • There are lots of people, who wanted to contributed to docs, but don’t have a central list of tasks that they can sit down and tackle.
  • Day-by-day, more contributor days are happening now and issue tracker can be a great place, where organizers can find tasks for the day.

One may report some example issues including documentation that’s out of date, pages that need editing, a dead link, incomplete docs, a dead link, missing sections, code examples that are broken or need updating. Recently, Tammie Lister designed a mockup of the tracker that especially planned for WordPress:

However, you can see this that is much simpler than track and it is designed to be easy for all the users, who quickly want to create a report on an issue.



Finally, the Docs Tracker is Now in Development:

Samuel Sidler is one, who is going to help in organizing the tracker project that is code name ‘Documentation’. One of the experts asked him how documentation issues are currently being resolved. He replied that it like that currently, there is no central place for everyone to jump in and work together.

If you want to read his exact words “Currently, documentation issues are resolved and tracked manually by individual contributors. There isn’t an easy way to report issues or request new documentation. The documentation issue tracker will allow two things:

1)      Anyone can report an issue with documentation and

2)      The docs team can track all open issues to have a better picture of the state of documentation across the project”.

Sidler also believes that the new issues tracker is also going to help open up contribution to WordPress docs in a major way. Mainly, the tracker is focusing on making things a lot easier and simpler for all docs team so that they find it extremely easy.

Moreover, any community member can also report issues to it, he said. Along with Docs team, he predicts that the support team will also be likely to use the tracker for the documentation.

Issues tracker’s designs have been finalized and Sidler reports that Otto has gladly agree to generate the new tracker. Expert also ask him that how soon users can see it on He replied “It’s hard to say exactly how long an issue tracker will take to build, especially with the upcoming holidays, but we are closer than we have ever been”. The plan is to roll it out in beta first and Sidler will be organizing users for testing. “We are all put links on a few docs to test the reporting interface with end users before rolling it out to all documentation.”

All we can say that a documentation issues tracker is a must have tool for any large open source project and he is hoping that it will streamline issue management.

His exact words are “Ideally, more issues will get reported and then fixed with an issue tracker in place. Having an easy way for anyone to report an issue should increase the number of reported issues. Likewise, having a central place to track issues will make them easier to fix.”

Well, most of the WordPress users worldwide are extremely excited to see the documentation issues tracker that will be implemented on If you have decided to contribute to WordPress docs, but unaware to do, the tracker will help you to search for a place to start. Once this tool will be obtainable, we will surely let you know with its features. To get more information on WordPress and its solution, you can click here.

Summary: “Soon, WordPress Documentation is going to improve as issues tracker will be launched to help users and contributors to report and track progress on issues particularly to documentation. It is expected that the issue tracker will be launched in the month of April, so if you want to get more information about this tracker, continue reading this blog…”

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