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Importance of an SEO H1 Tag in 2014

The Importance of an SEO H1 Tag in 2014

Various SEO experts and gurus continue to debate the importance of the H1 tag for SEO in 2014. Does the use of an informative keyword in an H1 tag actually increase a page’s ranking? Have search engines changed their ranking methods to such a degree that a page’s content itself is far more important than one carefully-worded H1 tag? Do page visitors themselves even care about the presence or absence of a keyword in an H1 tag? Should a business or an individual put time, effort, and money into crafting pages with H1 tags or should focus be applied on other, more modern methods of page construction? While these experts cannot fully agree on the level of the importance of the H1 tag, most are in agreement that these tags still factor into page ranking and reader satisfaction—and many agree that these tags are important enough to receive much focus and care.

 The Importance of an SEO H1 Tag in 2014

Search engines are constantly searching for methods of improving customer satisfaction and experience, so they continually create new algorithms and refine old ones in an effort to bring the highest quality search results to the top of the list. While most modern algorithms filter out keyword-laden H1 tags that are crafted solely to generate page hits, these algorithms still use legitimate H1 tags as a factor in page rankings. Pages will also likely be ranked higher if the content of the H1 tag matches the contents of the page itself. People who want to have effective H1 tags may want to consult with a professional SEO company that will be able to craft H1 tags suitable for modern search engine algorithms.

While algorithms are important to page ranking, user popularity is one of the key factors in terms of actually getting visitors to stay on a website. Algorithms often rank pages higher if users stay on the page for a long time after landing on it, so businesses and individuals should be concerned not only about how algorithms rank their pages but by how users rank their pages in terms of participation. Some people enjoy getting lost in various places and philosophically declare that life is more about the journey than the destination, but most search engine users would likely not agree with that sentiment. Clarity is a valuable commodity on the Internet, and clear H1 tags appeal to search engine users who want to know if the link they have clicked on leads to a page that actually contains the information they need. A professional SEO company would be able to craft H1 tags that would please not only algorithms but human visitors as well.


One complaint that people often make about crafting good H1 tags is that the process takes too much time. Since some experts claim that H1 tags do not contribute much to the overall page ranking, so why should a business even bother with such a time-consuming process? Time is money, after all, so why not focus on something else that could improve a website or business? Those questions are, perhaps, valid—if a business owner or individual does not see the value of hiring an SEO company’s services. Professional SEO companies understand that businesses often do not have time to keep up with modern SEO algorithms, much less implement such methods themselves. Allowing an SEO company to craft effective H1 tags could lead to higher page rankings—and, of course, more time.

The constantly changing nature of the Internet—and life itself—guarantees that modern business practices must adapt if they are to stay successful. Algorithms will always change, and page visitors will always want to know where they are and what they are getting. Time will always be fleeting, and people will always question the worth of this or that method. Professional SEO companies understand the inevitability of change and the value of clarity—and of time.

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