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e-commerce trends in market

Top-5 eCommerce trends that hit the market right now

The very first rule of a forward-minded Magento store owner is to keep an eye on the latest digital trends in order not to fall out the fast-changing e-commerce chart. Whatever it may cost you, you need to focus on the adapting your webpage to the standards set by the e-commerce market analysts, growing customers’ demands and everyday technology evolution.

In order to save your time, you’ d better invest into improving the performance of your store Amasty, a well-known Magento modules producer, looked into the trend predictions of digital gurus and marketers, studied and sorted them thoroughly to make up a detailed guide to help you bet against the field to hit the jackpot.

Top-5 eCommerce trends that hit the market right now

  1. M-commerce

The results of the survey conducted by CISCO, one of the most powerful world companies specializing in network systems, may seem astonishing to you, yet we have to face the reality of mobile gadgets outnumber the Earth population in 2014. Actually, if to think it over the fact is not that surprising: we can’t but admit that modern smartphones have won the hearts of the masses in no time, having become a device you feel frustrated without. Such a gadget-addiction has resulted into a gadget-revolution and highlighted the terms of M-commerce. It’s the customers’ acute demand for the service that can be used on the go. So either you provide at least a trouble-free mobile version of your store webpage or you lose a huge segment of the core market. The super combo is to develop a friendly-user app for Android and iOS platforms that will be efficient both for smartphones and tablets.

  1. E-payment

The customers of the online shops are said to prefer universal payment systems to such classical means as credit cards. As a proof to bolster up this prediction the World Payment Report, annually provided by Capgemini, a world known consulting and outsourcing company, and The Royal Bank of Scotland claim the e-payment growth by 18.1%. And as a natural result of blistering M-commerce development 50% of current smartphone users are predicted to turn to mobile payment via their mobile wallets by 2016 according to Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group. Do you need any further arguments for providing your check-out with a payment option via PayPal, Beacon or Bitcoin payment systems?

  1. Multi- and omni-channel selling

The latest trend of multi-channel selling, though quite a newbie on e-commerce market, is the hottest issue, having appeared a powerful instrument for small retailers to reach and attract new customers and avoid being suppressed by Google media giants. Multi-channel selling uses well-known to the core public shopping platforms (e.g. Amazon) to promote your products. Nielsen and the Association for National Advertisers insight into the matter predicts at least a double rise in multi-channel promotion expenses by 2016 with 49.3% in comparison to 20.3% of 2013.  Multi-channel selling engine goes hand in hand with Omni-channel selling option which is based on the profitable mixture of both online and offline shopping, guaranteeing positive customer experience.

  1. Targeted suggestions

To get the maximum result out of your Magento online store you need what target to aim at. That is the essence of contextual intelligence based on the targeted suggestion engines processing the customers’ social data and search history to give you the food for a highly personalized webstore. The chances for your online shop to be revisited grow profoundly with the targeted suggestion implementation. The idea of it is strongly backed up by the IDC Retail Insights specialists who claim that half of your clientele won’t choose other retailer in case your webpage can boast of highly personalized promotion service.

  1. Social Media

The last, but not the least. There is no sense in questioning the power of social media over the public mind nowadays. Once a man wants to share his experience about anything, he’d likely to do it via such social platforms as Facebook or Twitter. That includes sharing online shopping experience as well. And that it the reason why any self-respecting brands with prospects for the future hurry up to create as many social accounts as possible to reach and communicate with the core audience. E-mail notifications with the information on the new arrivals, special offers, sales and discounts are as well a useful way to show your care about the client.

And keep in mind that the combination of as many trendy instruments as possible is safeguarded way to the e-commerce top.

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