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cakePHP Godaddy Fix

CakePHP Godaddy Htaccess FIX

hi Guys, If You are New with Godaddy and cakePHP, You’ll find it difficult to get cake Working with godaddy host.Today I’mm gonna post a fix for this .

The Common Error That cause 500 internal Server Error is Due to Htacces.So This Fix Hopefully will solve you r problem.

we are just gonna add rewrite base to root htaccess and Options +FollowSymlinks to all the three htaccess Files

CakePHP Godaddy Htaccess FIX

The Root Level Htaccess File In cake.

 The htaccess File in App Folder:-

 The Htaccess File in webroot Folder:-

Wow That was Simple. Sometimes Small Errors Stuck,So Sharing Your Experiece is Better So that others can find Solution easily.

I hope You fixed your error.

If Still You get Error , You might Check Few Things.

  1. Check The cases .because on linux server everything is case sensitive .So Controller and controller are different on linux server. if you are used to work on windows, please do check that.
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