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PSD to wp Ecommerce

Tips and Tricks to Ensure Flawless Transition from PSD to WordPress E-commerce

We all know, that WordPress, an open-source CMS offers a great platform for creating a website. It allows users with minimal computer knowledge to  modify and update a website, as required. The flexibility and robust features of WordPress are admired by many developers and website owners. And, thus many people are turning their head towards PSD to WordPress  Conversion.

PSD to wp Ecommerce

PSD to wp Ecommerce

WordPress is not specifically designed to create an e-commerce websites, but its popularity, user-friendly customization and efficient e-commerce plugins have encouraged developers to Convert PSD to WordPress e-commerce.

It is quite easy to convert a PSD to WordPresse-commerce. Here are some tips and trick that can make the conversion a breeze.

Tips and Tricks to Ensure Flawless Transition from PSD to WordPress E-commerce

#1. Don’t forget to make it Responsive

With the growing web technology and Internet-enabled devices, users are able to browse Internet on the go. While talking about e-commerce websites, it is imperative to make them easily accessible on both small and large screen devices, and especially for pocket-size gadgets like Smartphones, tablets, etc. This makes it vitally important for  developers to follow the responsive web designs.

With responsive designs, you can ensure an optimal display of your site on different types of devices and thus, can invite potential customers by targeting a wider group of audience. And, this can help you generate your business ROI.

#2. Use Child Theme while customizing WordPress Theme

To ensure complete security, WordPress keeps on updating its versions frequently. Due to these frequent updates, it is quite hard to update a customized theme every time. For updating, that customized theme according to the WordPress version, you will require expertise in theme creation for WordPress.

There is a solution to this issue. You can avoid the recreation of a customized theme and make it functional under any new WordPress version, by designing a customized theme as a child of a default theme.

Since, WordPress default themes would be functional in every WordPress versions, so, by creating a child theme, you can inherit features of a default theme to child (customized) theme. For creating a child theme, you will need a thorough  knowledge of  theme creation and CSS.

#3. Add appropriate e-commerce plugins

An e-commerce Wp Plugin

An e-commerce Wp Plugin

We know that WordPress is not meant for e-commerce websites but, by installing some e-commerce plugins, it can be used for creating an e-store. Some of the best e-commerce plugins that are well-suited for running online stores efficiently are:

  • WooCommerce
  • MarketPress
  • WP e-commerce
  • Cart66 Lite
  • Jigoshop
  • iThemes Exchange

There is no dearth of WordPress e-commerce plugins. You can find plenty of useful and efficient plugins that can help generate higher sales and conversions.

#4. Make it SEO friendly

While converting PSD to WordPress, it is very essential that the HTML code should have clean and efficient semantic, so that the search engines can conveniently and quickly read your website. With this approach, your website can efficiently crawl and will be indexed by top search engines including, Google, Bing, and more.

#5- Don’t forget to make the website W3C Validated

W3C Validation is a vital asset of every website. If you’ve chosen PSD to WordPress conversion for your e-commerce store then it’s recommended to ensure that the resultant website adheres to all the standards/regulations laid down by the  World Wide Web Consortium(W3C). Getting your site W3C validated means you’re keeping it ‘alive’ and ‘visible’ forever. All W3C compliant websites are 100% crawled and indexed by popular search engines, thereby allowing you to get noticed by maximum customers residing in different corners of the world.

Wrapping Up:

It’s true that WordPress is not dedicated for e-commerce websites, but by following some essential steps, it can be efficiently used for an online store too. Use some above mentioned tips for a flawless PSD to WordPress conversion. Yes, it will require some efforts and time, but that would be completely worth it in the end.

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