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SEO Backlink Building Guide

A Short Guide to Building Backlinks to A Blog

The reason why Google became the powerhouse it is today had a lot to do with a revolutionary approach to searching that they introduced in the late 1990s. Instead of using content on the pages themselves to determine how relevant something was to a given query — a system that was easy to exploit for high rankings — they developed an algorithm that would place the highest importance on how many inbound links a website was given.

This did a couple of things. The first is that it improved the quality of results that Google presented by essentially conscripting all other web designers as critics of other websites. It also put the ability to make or break a website’s ranking in the hands of the people who actually found value in it and changed the way that search engine optimization worked forever.

That being the case, the best thing you can do to build organic search engine results is to find ways to get backlinks to your website from other places on the Internet. Building backlinks is a difficult process, but one that is well worth all of the effort to crawl to the coveted first page of Google.

The easiest and most obvious way to get backlinks to your website is to make sure that when you post things, you link back to your homepage. Internal links are not always the best, but they are better than nothing and every little bit counts. Similarly, seek out opportunities to guest post on other blogs so that you can add links to your other material in the article or in a brief biography at the bottom of the post.

Don’t feel shy about reaching out to other blogs that cover your topic for mentions. Try not to be pushy, but bring your work to their attention when you feel that it’s relevant to what they’re discussing. They may either link to one of your posts or put you in their resource section. The worst they can say is nothing at all.

Being Careful

The process of building backlinks is not a quick one, nor something that you should expect to do over night. If you take on any organic SEO goal, expect that you’re going to be in this for the long haul and take your time.

First, don’t trust people who tell you that they can get you to rank high on a search engine quickly. The search engine algorithms are designed to work slowly and be deliberative, and anyone who suggests that they have uncovered some secret around these very carefully designed and maintained systems is either lying or delusional. There is a good chance that they are trying to scam you out of money, so be on the lookout.

With that in mind, when you are looking to do guest posts you ought to make sure that you’re only writing for reputable sites. If the domain authority value is low enough, the link will have no benefit to you, so make sure that the places that you’re writing for will actually help. Similarly, don’t just write once and leave since that makes it obvious that you’re only looking to build backlinks. Instead you should become a regular contributor and that will help build your audience and ensure that you’re not just there for the search benefits.

Most importantly, look into hiring a great link building service. These are people who are masters at creating not just the volume, but the type of links that get sites listed high up on search pages. They are educated about the way search engines work, they are experienced in building an online profile, and they will be able to show you the best ways to ensure the highest possible returns on your investment.

Popularity Takes Work

The Internet is the closest thing to a true meritocracy that the world has ever seen, which means that there are very few opportunities to get ahead without a whole lot of effort on your part. But when you have learned how to create positive buzz about your work and get others to notice the good content you’ve created, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with cascading returns.

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