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Wp Content Categorization

Why WordPress is perfect for creating a SEO friendly website?

Are you thinking of creating a website on your own and a bit confuse to select a platform for that? No doubt, a content management system would be a great choice, since it can make your job more convenient and efficient. But, now the question is – which CMS is better? And, I would suggest you to stop ransacking your brain and begin with WordPress.

Before beginning with website creation, there are several factors that needs to be considered; and one of the most important thing is making the site search engine friendly. Yes, it is quite important to ensure that your website will be SEO friendly, since better SEO ranking will help you gather more and more traffic and get potential visitors.

To me WordPress is simply great CMS that offers amazing benefits including an easy and robust system for all the SEO needs. WP is just perfect with SEO and there are several users who are seeking advantage of this CMS to ensure utmost optimization with SEO and Google ranking.

Here are some features of WordPress that ensure a SEO friendly website:

1. Open Source – highly flexible and cost effective:

Search engine bots always look for content while ranking websites, thus a CMS should be easily accessible and the site should be updated.

Open Source WordPress

Open Source WordPress

Being an open source CMS, WordPress allows users to easily add or update the website content and its functionalities. Whether you are a non-tech person or programmer, you can conveniently add fresh posts to the site. Not, only this, but it also allows one to easily add desired themes and plugins in the dashboard of the platform.

The effective and user-friendly interface of WordPress facilitates navigation ease and makes everything as simple as that in Microsoft Word. It thus, makes posting of new content or accessing any feature on site quite fast and easy.

  1. Plugins add to its versatility:

Have you ever thought of adding additional functionalities to your website?with WordPress you can add as many features as you want and that too with great ease. There are numerous WP plugins available in the market and there are several developers, who are working to get you what you need. These plugins are absolutely great, they save time and offer you an easy way to stand apart from the crowd already existing on the Internet.

Wordpress Versitile CMS

WordPress Versitile CMS

You might be wondering, how adding plugins can make a site SEO friendly? Yes, plugins can help you do that with great ease and will lend you a smooth and short journey to success. There is no dearth of WordPress plugins in the market and you can easily find SEO plugins like All in One SEO Pack, Google SEO Sitemaps, WordPress SEO by Yoast and more. Simply, install them and get efficient results. They will help search engine bots to better index your website.


3. Optimizes the images

Wp Image Optimization

Wp Image Optimization

Not only content of your site but, its images are also equally important for search engine optimization. Since, search engines read the image titles and hyperlinks and check for keywords, by adding suitable keywords one can enhance the ranking. And WP being an open source CMS allows users to easily edit a desirable image title, hyperlink and text.


4. Categorizing content helps search engine bots

Wp Content Categorization

Wp Content Categorization

We all know that search engines provide results by searching everything that is related to an entered keyword. Thus, if a site has done a proper categorization of its content, it would be easier for search engine bots to crawl a website and look for a desirable content. And in WP, all new posts are categorized using some tags under a parent category.

You can boost the chances for search engine bots to search by making its crawling fast and convenient through your WordPress site.

5. Customize to add keywords and get your site at the top of the ranking

WordPress facilitates its user to conveniently use keywords in the content and URL that they want to optimize. The URLs will help search engines bots to conveniently locate a relevant keyword without thinking and crawling through websites. With WP you can customize your permalink and make your site search engine optimized.

In WordPress, one can easily edit and update website and target on desirable keywords that you would like to use in marketing your site.

Wrapping Up:

We know the fact that Google dominates the Internet, and allows users to find preferable results for a search. Creating a website that can be viewed by some limited number of viewers would make no sense. Thus, make a website with WordPress and get noticed with ease, and conveniently hit the search engines with its simple and instinctive design.

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