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WP aio social plugin

Wp Aio Social Plugin

Hi Guys, WP AIO Social Plugin is Powerful Plugin with Most Social Network widgets and Plugin. It has  10 Social widget and Sharing Plugin. MoreOver This Plugin wont affect the speed of the site as all scripts are loaded in optimized way asynchronously.

Wp Aio Social Plugin

WordPress Aio social Plugin Has Following Widget and Plugin .Below Is Description of all widget and Plugin Sharing Feature.You Get Google+,Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Flickr, Social Icons, Social Tabs, Social Counter, Subscribe Widget With Awesome Customizations. It Also Has Fully Customizable SOcial Sharing Features powered by Addthis.

Wp Aio Social Plugin : Plugin Features –

  1. Google+ Widget
  2. Facebook Widget
  3. Twitter Widget
  4. Soundcloud Widget
  5. Instagram Widget
  6. Flickr Widget
  7. Social Icons Widget
  8. Social Network Tabs
  9. Subscription Widget
  10. Social Counter
  11. Sharing Plugin For Posts

Wp Aio Social Plugin : Plugin inStallation : –

The Installation of plugin is very simple, Just Install and Active , You’ll see 10 widget in widget area and settings of sharing in plugin option in  settings -> wp aio social.

Wp Aio Social Plugin : Plugin Usage – Documentation :-

Google + Widget :-
This is Simplest You just input values , Choose wheather you wana display badge for page or person and Input the URL.

Facebook Widget :-
This is Also Very Simple , You just gotta add Facebook url and the Desired Options how you wana output the Result.

Twitter Widget :-
This will Render you Follow Button and Latest tweets if you desire, To View your Tweets Feed You need to Create App at Twitter Developer and Add App Specific Information to Fetch Your Latest Tweets.

Instagram Widget :- 

This Widget Shows The Latest Instagram Images. For this You also Need Instagram Access Token and You Username.You can Generate INstagram Access Token at Instagram Developer After Registering a Client.

Social Tabs Widget : –

This Widget Settings are Similar to Facebook , twitter and Google+.

Flickr Feed Widget : –

This Widget will Show the lastest Images from Flickr . For This You Need You Flickr ID and Api key . You can Get Api key and Flickr Developer.

Social Icons : –
Just input your url for social Networks and Social Icons will render in frontend.

Soundcloud Widget : –
Just Add You Sound Url and It will be Render in your SIdebar.

Social Counter Widget: –

This Widget Shows Followers Count for your Social Profiles.This Plugin Also Requires Api Keys Or Access Tokens From Various Networks.You can Get the Specific Keys From the Developer Section of the Website.


Wp Aio Social Plugin : Plugin Screens –

Wp Aio Social Plugin Download

Download WP AIO Social



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