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5 Major Factors to Boost Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

Many e-commerce marketers are worried due to increasing bounce rate of their Magento stores. Right from complicated navigation, to slow page speed, and poor checkout process to name a few are some of the key factors that increases the abandonment rate of an e-store. Through this post I want to throw light on the 5 most effective tips that will optimize your Magento store, and hence, curtail the bounce rate.


1. Easy to Access Yet Powerful Navigation

Navigation is indeed one of the most vital factors that plays a crucial role in hook in more traffic towards your e-store. Wondering how? Well, if users can easily navigate throughout your store to access information that interest them the most, they will more likely re-visit it. This eventually boost your chances in converting your potential visitors into a buyer. However, complexity can hurt your conversion rate. Excessive categorization in the navigation bars or unnecessary navigational clicks can frustrate your visitors.  Therefore, make sure to keep the navigation simple and easy to access.

A word of caution, make sure not to over-simplify your navigation. Well, you do need a good-looking menu. But make sure to limit the menu options  and check out that they’re clear.

2. Fast Page Loading Time

One of the most common stumbling block that has substantially increased the abandonment rate of a Magento store is slow page load time. According to reports provided by KISSMetrics, every second of your site counts and 1 second of delay in page loading can lead to 7% reduction in the conversion rate. This is why merchants, especially ones having large catalogs must ensure that their e-store loads quickly.


Magento Fast loading Extensions

Magento Fast loading Extensions

Luckily, there are tons of Magento extensions you can use to boost the page load speed. My personal favorite is Site Optimizer, however there are several other great extensions like Full Page Cache, Performance Booster etc. that you can choose.

3. Offer Rewards To Customers Frequently

Who doesn’t like rewards? 

Well, almost every person loves to receive freebies or some sort of rewards or discounts especially when they’re shopping online for a merchandise. A great way to increase your Magento store conversion rate is to heighten your customer retention rate. Put simply, by making customers visit your store time and again will certainly push them towards purchasing something, which will boost the conversion rate of your e-store. For this it becomes needful to retain your customers interest in re-visiting your store again, which can be done by offering them great rewards in terms of discounts or coupons.  

You can also think about gifting gift cards which your customers can present to their friends or use it themselves to gain additional discount on the purchases. However, make sure to reward your customers frequently within a fixed time frame, so that they don’t move away to some other store probably offering better rewards than you.

4. One Page Checkout Process 

Many store owners often tend to overlook the checkout process. Bear in mind, this is the most important factor that may result in making you lose potential orders. According to reports, a lot of shoppers abandons an online store without paying due to the complicated or long-drawn-out checkout process. Remember, checkout process is the core of online shopping experience. And thus, it should be the first thing you must pay heed to when you’re on the verge of completing your e-store development. If you’re already running a store, then also you should analyze your checkout cart page and reduce the steps involved in the checkout process.

Creating one page checkout can make the checkout process more convenient for users. Fortunately, there are ample number of Magento extensions that can be used to drastically lessen the steps involved in a shopping cart like  One Step Checkout, Checkout Pro and many more.

5. Ensure That Your Live Chat is Working

Many Magento stores have chat window. However, while visiting a few stores I’ve noticed that most of the chat options don’t actually work and have been added just for the sake of following the trend of adding live chat option in the e-commerce store. But taking it seriously can work wonders in getting better conversion. That’s because, you can provide immediate response to customers pre-sales queries  and if carefully answered those customers may not wait any longer to hit the “BUY” button next to the product they’re interested in.


What’s more? Answering to your customers questions will help you understand what the visitors can have in their mind and what are their expectations from an e-store. Moreover, at times your sales representative may tell the customers about the arrival of some new products that haven’t yet arrived in the market, which they might be yearning to purchase for a long time. This can also augment your conversion rate.

Let’s Wrap Up!

I hope reading this post will give you useful insight on how you can improve your Magento store conversion rate, and thereby increase your sales.


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