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Domain Name Choosing

How important is Choosing your Websites domain name to your business?

Having a unique and good quality Domain name for your website is an integral part in making your business a success. However it is a time consuming and difficult process as many of the names you want are unavailable or already taken. Thinking of new unique ones demands a lot of research and creativity. It is not necessary that a good Domain name make your business or bad one result in its downfall, there are other ways to finding a website than searching it using a browser however the fact remains that a good domain name certainly moves your business along. Some factors that play a role in determining the right domain name for you are:

Relevance to Business:

A domain name must be relevant to your business. If you have a proper knowledge of your business, you shouldn’t have much problem coming up with an appropriate name. The name should ‘sell’ your business so that when users come across it, they can immediately decide whether they want something from your website or not. The name should describe whatever is on your website designing. Having a relevant domain name would also help people in their search for something. You could however make an exception to the rule and come up with something unheard of (not even in the dictionary) before as in the case of Google for example, but your
brand should be strong enough that it supports your business completely.

Say no to lengthy names!
Not only are lengthy names hard to come by but people usually find them difficult to remember.

Shorter name on the other hand sound more professional and also look better in print. It all relies on how creative you are to come up with exciting short names, try to work out as many variations as possible and then chose the one that suits your business best. While there exist only a few single word domain names, a two word domain name without a hyphen is considered thebest thing to it and recommended the most.

The Appropriate Extension:

We see most of the website that we come across with a ‘.com’ extension to them. This ‘.com’ is short for commercial. Other extensions we may come across are ‘.net’ short for network. This is for companies which have an internet based business. The ‘.net’ extension comes in to use most when the ‘.com’ extension is unavailable. Other extensions that are available out there include:

• ‘.org’: this extension is most widely used by non -profit companies or Organizations and

serves the right purpose for such businesses.
• ‘.biz’ or ‘.info: Although these extensions are not as popular or widely used as the

previously mentioned extensions. As suggested by ‘.biz’ this extension is to be used for business related websites. Similarly ‘,info’ is used for websites that some information related resource.Which extension to use in the end depends entirely on your decision, Sometimes a ‘.net’ extension may prove to be more useful to you than a ‘.com’ one. But since ‘.com’ is the most recognized extension out there, we mostly come across do main names which have a ‘.com’ at their end.

In the end it all boils down to the fact that how credible your product is, if your product is top quality, the domain name wouldn’t make much of a difference so the focus should be on making your product/brand more useful to the public.


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