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How to Point Multiple Domains to the Same Website Using Domain Mapping?

For multisite users, it’s certainly difficult to remember all the domain names. But with domain mapping this issue could be resolved. Wondering how? Domain mapping helps to map multiple domains to a single website. However, to many WordPress users domain mapping seems to be a complex process if they’re lack knowledge of cPanel. But it’s a straightforward process that doesn’t take too long to perform.

This post will take you through the process of how to point multiple points to one site using the WordPress Domain Mapping plugin.

Let’s Begin With Domain Mapping But, before getting started let’s have a glimpse of a few things you’ll need during the domain mapping process:

·         A dedicated IP address: Any domain needs to be mapped to a single dedicated IP. But in case you’re using a shared hosting having dynamic address, your IP address is bound to change time and again. So, there won’t a single IP that your domain can point to. Therefore, make sure to get connected to your web host and ask them to provide a dedicated IP address for your primary hosting account.

·         Secondly, you’ll need access to cPanel

·         You’ll have to purchase a domain to map.

·         The WordPress Domain Mapping plugin

·         Installation of a WordPress Multisite

Now that you have come to know about some of the most essential elements that you’ll need during domain mapping, let’s begin with the process of mapping multiple domains to your primary WP hosting account. However, prior to adding support for domain mapping let’s first perform a few tasks in the backend from your cPanel.

Multiple Domains to the Same Website Using Domain Mapping

Step 1 – Setting up and Parking Up the Domain

You’ll need to set up your domain first, by logging into your domain name registrar. Next, from Domain Manager update your domain settings. From your Domain Manager window you’ll find A (Host) fields or A records with @ pointing to IP address. Edit that IP address and add your own dedicated IP address.

If your website is part of Multisite network, then it will be using shared hosting, So your next step requires to park the domain. For this purpose, login to your cPanel and navigate downwards towards “Parked Domains”.


Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping

Click on Parked Domains option and enter name of the domain that you wish to park, and click on the “Add Domain” button.

Domain Mapping Parked Domain

Domain Mapping Parked Domain

Step 2 – Adding a New Multisite

Login to your WP Multisite network, in order to add a new Multisite.

Add New Multi SIte WordPress

Add New Multi SIte WordPress

Now assign a name to your new Multisite, set a new title and add your email address, and then click the “Add Site” button as shown in the screen shot below:

Wp Multisite New SIte INfo

Wp Multisite New SIte INfo

Now you will have to install the WordPress Domain Mapping plugin manually, so as to add domain mapping support which will help you for domain mapping in wordpress. For doing so, first login to your website through FTP. Download and install the plugin and move one of its file to some other location; that is copy the file to the wp-content folder. Next, copy the “sunrise.php” file to the /wp-content plugins folder.

In order to edit the wp-config.php file copy it from the root folder of your WordPress powered site, and open the file in your choice of editor and add the following code.

Now, save the wp-config.php file and copy the saved file back to the root folder. Now visit your Network Admin Dashboard and you can see the Domain Mapping tab added under the Settings area.


Wordpress Domain Mapping

WordPress Domain Mapping

In order to configure Domain Mapping, go back to your Multisite dashboard and click on Network Admin>>Plugins and activate the “Domain Mapping” plugin.

Domain Mapping Plugin

Domain Mapping Plugin

Next, when you click on “Domain Mapping”, you will be able to see “Mapping options” tab as shown in the screen shot below. Under the “Server IP Address” section insert your dedicated IP address.

Domain Mapping Settings

Domain Mapping Settings

Step 4 – Map the Domain

Go back to the new site (Multisite) dashboard and visit Tools>>Domain Mapping. Finally, enter the domain you want to map.

Map Domain Using Settings

Map Domain Using Settings

To conclude, if you want to map (or point) your WordPress multiple domains to one site then following the above mentioned steps will help you perform the entire process with efficacy.

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