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5 Things you should ask your web designer

5 Things You Should Ask Your Website Designer

Nowadays, with the growing trend of e-commerce, everything is going online. There are many websites in the market for different niches. You can also start your business online and can increase the revenue. There are many website designers and coders, who can set up your website at low cost. They design everything from the logo of your company to other graphical images, mobile design and website design. But, before having your website designed, ask them about what services they provide and what rights they will give you. Here are few things you should be aware about while getting your website designed.

5 Things You Should Ask Your Website Designer

Do you have ownership of your Domain name?

The domain name is an important part of any website, as your whole business website will be dependent on it. If your website designer owns your domain name and in case if they run out of business or you get into some kind of squabble with them, then you might be at the risk of loosing your domain name. Loosing domain name means shutting down of online business. Hence, look out for a reliable website designer who gives you a clear quotation of everything. If they own your domain, then ask them to transfer ownership to your name.

Are your logo and images copyright protected?

Of course you own your logo and images. But, it is not the case always. In your agreement with the designer, make sure when payment is done, you are the owner of design and graphical images and they cannot use them for any other purpose without your permission. Some of the best web designing companies in Melbourne and Sydney give full assurance about it.

Also, ask for the source file of images. Source file contains editable layers that together make the image. If you want to edit those layers or separate them, you can easily do it if you have the original file to work with. You can also edit your logo if you want to without having to start from scratch.

Do you have a logo image of high resolution?

A logo will help you establish your business and let your customers know who you are. Ask your designer for vector files. Vector files can be resized easily without compromising the quality. Sometimes it might add up a little cost to it, but it is worth asking for. A low resolution logo image might look blurry when used on your business card or other printed materials.




Do you have full rights of your website?

Now there are many esteemed web hosting websites available, which lets you host your website at very low cost. Though, some web developers might offer you hosting along with the maintenance of the website. This is OK, but it is better to have full control in your hands rather than relying on them. As said earlier, in case they shut down their business or get into dispute with you, they might shut down your website.

Get FTP access to your website, in case you want to make some changes or let somebody else work on your website.

Purchase premium plugin by yourself.

If you want to buy premium plug-ins for your website, better buy yourself rather than asking a web designer to buy. This way you will have login information and can get yourself support from them if needed. Sometimes these developers have a special license to use these premium plugins on multiple websites.


All these factors are important to know when you are starting a website. Though, not all the developers give clear quotation unless you ask them. So it is better to be aware about everything before you hand them your website. The more rights you have over your website, the better it is!

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Nicole Sniffer is working with one of the best web designing companies in Melbourne since last few years. In the above post she is sharing the most important tips for starting a website that can be very useful for small business owners.

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