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Stack Hunter Java Dubug Tool

Top 7 Must-try bug tracking tools for Java developers

Java has undoubtedly emerged as one of the leading web development platforms used by developers all over the world. When it comes to developing software applications, bug tracking is something that can definitely not be avoided. Whether its a minor bug/fault or a major defect/failure; as a developer you can’t take anything for granted. It is crucial for you to detect, record, report, manage and track each individual bug in order to come up with an absolutely brilliant software product. Through this blog, I’ll be focusing on seven bug tracking tools that are specially prepared for Java developers and allow them to track errors that tend to interfere with the original performance of your software program. So, let’s get started with unveiling everything about these seven outstanding bug tracking tools.

Top 7 Must-try bug tracking tools for Java developers

Tool No.1- Bugzilla

Bug Zilla Bug Tracking

Bug Zilla Bug Tracking

One of the most robust bug tracking software tools developed for Java programmers, Bugzilla enables you to keep a good track of bugs, errors and code moderations. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Bugzilla has been successfully used in major projects namely: Linux, Apache, Facebook, Open Office and NASA.

Tool No.2- Exceptional

Exceptional Java Bug Tracking Tool

Exceptional Java Bug Tracking Tool

As a popular premium bug tracking tool, Exceptional allows you to track errors in web apps, followed by reporting them in real-time and gathering all the required information for fixing them as soon as possible. Backed by features such as the ability to manage errors, flexibility to view backtraces, gather custom data, cross-browser compatibility, receive real-time alerts through SMSs, Email or Webhooks etc; Exceptional has become a leading name in the world of bug tracking in Java programming domain.

Tool No.3-JIRA

Jira Java Web Debug Tool

Jira Java Web Debug

As a well-known J2EE-based issue/bug tracking and project management tool, JIRA comes with a complete bunch of reporting, recording, work flow and a variety of other features that play a vital role in simplifying the method of tracking and managing  bugs. One of the greatest advantages of JIRA is its ability to collaborate with the different Java code development environments.


Tool No.4-Sifter

Sifter Java Bug Tracking

sifter Java Bug Tracking Tool

Having received an incredible amount of appreciation from thousands of organizations across the globe, Sifter is yet another brilliant bug tracking tool that allows you to track and manage bugs, without the need for any hard-coded configuration. Since Sifter involves simple configurations, even a non-technical team member can easily use the tool for tracking and managing a vast range of bugs and issues. Last, but definitely not the least, since Sifter skips the redundant statuses, your bug testing team doesn’t has to undergo extensive training for making an accurate choice.

Tool No.5-StackHunter

Stack Hunter Java Dubug Tool

Stack Hunter Java Dubug Tool

As a self-hosted tool for tracking Java errors, StackHunter has recently released its beta version that allows you to track errors and view exceptions. Moreover, this tool even works wonders for sending email alerts as soon as an exception takes place. One of the easiest ways of integrating Stack Hunter with your Java web apps is view the related servlet filter. In addition to this, there’s also a REST service and a Java client API that offers you greater control over the bug track for your Java applications.

Tool No.6-BugHerd

Bug Herd Bug Tracking Tool For Java

Bug Herd Bug Tracking Tool For Java web

As one of the simplest-to-use bugs tracking tool, BugHerd allows you to track bugs, manage them and rectify them while on a move. One of the best advantages of using BugHerd is that you can easily capture client feedback regarding the performance of your Java applications. In order to get started with BugHerd, all you need to do is simply report the issues and the tool will convert the same into reports that would include all the information that’s required for resolving the problem quickly. An easy-to-user interface, browser extensions and visual bug reports are the key assets of BugHerd.

Tool No.7- LogDigger

Log Digger Tool For Java Web Bugs Tracking

Log Digger Tool For Java

LogDigger is yet another remarkable bug tracking tool that has made it convenient for the Java app developers to capture and resolve bugs at a faster rate. With this tool, you can easily classify and gather reports regarding the bugs/issues available within the Java-based web applications. Equipped with an engaging user interface, LogDigger is definitely a must-have tool for every Java programmer.



Wrapping Up

With that its a wrap on the seven finest bug tracking tools that serve as handy options for Java app developers who’re concerned about the 100% bug-free status of their apps. Here’s hoping these tools would help you in your Java app testing venture as well.


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