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Html 5 Responsive Images

4 Ways to Achieve Responsive Images by HTML 5 Picture Element

The onset of html image tag has been concurrent with html itself. Despite of the crucial function that images play in the web contents, it has seen minute changes during the span of twenty years. With the passage of time, the power of the devices that people use to view the web content has seen… Read More

How To Create Jquery Accordion menu

How to Create Accordion Menu In Jquery

How to Create Accordion Menu In Jquery :- jQuery Accordion can be created easily using jquery ui .although in situation you only need accordion out of entire jquery-ui ,i would recommend you to use this Jquery tiny script that i have created for Creating Accordion Menu.So Today m gonna Demonstrate a Script that will teach… Read More

Two level Css Menu

Two Level CSS Menu

Two level CSS menu is very nice and easy to implement.this is such a great menu which works only with Css. yep! no javascript needed to run it.You can use it as a sub menu in your pages . Two level CSS menu is very handy for your lets get started.firstly we ‘ll discuss Html code… Read More