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JQuery Plugins Must use in Designing

The best jQuery Plugins that you must make use of when designing websites

When it comes to jQuery, it is a known fact that it has revolutionized the web development field by offering easy and quick solutions to problems that were once even considered complicated. The user experience has undergone a massive change since and web development has seen an immense amount of progress since. Creating a responsive… Read More

Create slug from title

Slugify a Title In javascript & PHP

How to Slugify a Title In javascript & PHP HI guys its been too long since i posted on designaeon.Today i m gonna post two simple scripts ,one is server side and other is the client side.that is javascript and PHP.this topic will cover how to slugify title in php and javascript.lets move and learn… Read More

jquery ajax contact form

jQuery Ajax Contact Form

jQuery Ajax Contact Form : hello guys! jQuery Ajax Contact Form is a Good and fast way to communicate though web forms.Ajax is used for this purpose.Instead of submitting for in normal manner we submit forms post data via jquery ajax mehods. So today im gonna try to demonstrate that how ajax contact form work  or how to make ajax contact… Read More

How To Create Jquery Accordion menu

How to Create Accordion Menu In Jquery

How to Create Accordion Menu In Jquery :- jQuery Accordion can be created easily using jquery ui .although in situation you only need accordion out of entire jquery-ui ,i would recommend you to use this Jquery tiny script that i have created for Creating Accordion Menu.So Today m gonna Demonstrate a Script that will teach… Read More

Beautiful Jquery Animated menu Bar

Beautiful Jquery Animated Menu

Beautiful Jquery Animated Menu Intro:-Hello Guys ! Beautiful Jquery Animated Menu is a Basic Menu bar using Jquery ,html and css.This Menu has a Very Sleek and Beautiful Hover Effect.It is quite easy to Implement also quite easy to understand.You can use this Animated Jquery Menu In your projects if you like it.Lets See the beautiful Jquery… Read More

Jquery Tabs Tutorial

Easy Tabs Using Jquery

Easy Tabs Using Jquery : Easy Jquery Tabs Intro : Hello Guys ! Jquery Tabs Are used every where and also its been a long time since i posted some jquery Tutorial,So i m today put a simple tutorial which elaborate how to create jquery tabs without using the Jquery UI.The Easy Tabs Using Jquery is… Read More

Paginate Search Results With Ajax Pagination

Paginate Search Results using Ajax Pagination

Paginate Search Results using Ajax Pagination: Hi Buddies ! I have written Ajax Pagination previously ,But this time i come with some modification to Ajax pagination so that we can Paginate Search Results with Ajax pagination Too.Most of the Pagination concepts are same as in my previous post about Ajax Pagination ,but a little bit addition here.So… Read More