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Stack Hunter Java Dubug Tool

Top 7 Must-try bug tracking tools for Java developers

Java has undoubtedly emerged as one of the leading web development platforms used by developers all over the world. When it comes to developing software applications, bug tracking is something that can definitely not be avoided. Whether its a minor bug/fault or a major defect/failure; as a developer you can’t take anything for granted. It… Read More

Custom CMS Development

Top 10 Advantages of Developing a Custom CMS

With open source content management systems (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress being so widely available, a custom CMS is a rare sight nowadays. In fact, the sheer complexity of a custom CMS exceeds the skills of many website development teams; most media agencies, for instance, won’t have website developments with the expertise required for such… Read More

cakePHP Godaddy Fix

CakePHP Godaddy Htaccess FIX

hi Guys, If You are New with Godaddy and cakePHP, You’ll find it difficult to get cake Working with godaddy host.Today I’mm gonna post a fix for this . The Common Error That cause 500 internal Server Error is Due to Htacces.So This Fix Hopefully will solve you r problem. we are just gonna add… Read More

You Tube Video Fetcher Class

You Tube Video Fetcher Class

You Tube Video Fetcher Class – You Tube Video Fetcher class is a PHP library which can be used to fetch You tube video using Youtube Gdata API.It is Very Efficient and Fast method to get video and its details From You tube. All you have to to is to Provide search Query and max… Read More

over api tool for web development

Latest and useful tools for website development

Latest and useful tools for website development For programmers and web designers there are always new and more useful products, apps and programs coming along that can help get things done easier, faster and in some cases with more creativity. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of some of the latest new… Read More

Create slug from title

Slugify a Title In javascript & PHP

How to Slugify a Title In javascript & PHP HI guys its been too long since i posted on designaeon.Today i m gonna post two simple scripts ,one is server side and other is the client side.that is javascript and PHP.this topic will cover how to slugify title in php and javascript.lets move and learn… Read More

Reasons One should Use PHP

5 Reasons for One Should Use PHP

5 Reasons for One Should Use PHP – If you are looking for developing your business website and choosing a right technology for your website then PHP will best for you. It is an open source object oriented server side scripting language. You can make all kinds of websites using this open source language. It… Read More