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cakePHP Godaddy Fix

CakePHP Godaddy Htaccess FIX

hi Guys, If You are New with Godaddy and cakePHP, You’ll find it difficult to get cake Working with godaddy host.Today I’mm gonna post a fix for this . The Common Error That cause 500 internal Server Error is Due to Htacces.So This Fix Hopefully will solve you r problem. we are just gonna add… Read More

captcha component for version 2.x

Captcha Component & Helper for cakePHP2.x

Captcha Component & Helper for cakePHP2.x : captcha’s are very essential to protecting your web forms and all that spam.this captcha component and captcha helper used to render captcha images in your cakephp websites.This captcha component and helper for cakePHP will Provide you  captcha’s very similar to the Google, or you can say it will… Read More

cakePHP Extending Views New Feature

cakePHP 2.1 New Extending Views Feature

cakePHP 2.1 New Extending Views Feature – CakePHP Is awesome Framework.I Love working on cakePHP.Few Days back I migrated from cakePHP 1. to the New 2.1 stable Version of the CakePHP .CakePHP 2.1 Comes With inbuilt awesome Features.It makes Work more rapid,The Best New feature according to me is Extending views,This Extending the Views From a Parent… Read More

cakePHP captcha Component and Helper

cakePHP Captcha Component & Captcha Helper

cakePHP Captcha Component & Captcha Helper : Hello Guys !! CakePHP Captcha Component and Helper is Used to Implement captcha in Your cakePHP project . This CakePHP captcha component produces Google like captcha . This captcha component comes with captcha helper which is used to add captcha input in your forms. This captcha Component Comes with many… Read More

CakePHP easy Google Analytics integration

Easy CakePHP Google Analytics Integration

Easy CakePHP Google Analytics Integration : hello Guys ! cakePHP Google Analytics integration is very easy to implement.we need to get google analytics code and paste in our page .it is usually a script.the cakePHP framework is highly reusable so in cakePHP we will create a element to integrate google analytics to cakePHP.So lets move on and… Read More

Reset forgot password in cakePHP

cakePHP Reset Forgot Password via Email

CakePHP Reset Forgot Password via Email : Resetting Forgot password Using cakePHP is a great feature to allow your users to reset their lost or forgot password using the cakePHP. CakePHP is great Framework ,and i love working on it.So today i m gonna share This forgot password script for cakePHP .I have implemented it… Read More

CakePHP sitemap Generaion

XML sitemap generation in cakePHP

CakePHP XML Sitemap Generation [starthumbsblock tpl=25] Howdy Guys ! XML Sitemap generation in cakePHP is very easy.Sitemaps are very important for your webpages to get indexed fast by the Search engines like google , yahoo , ask etc HD59ZQHTDFZ5 .So i go Today a very simple tutorial in XML sitemap Generation in cakePHP.CakePHP has made it quite… Read More