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cakePHP Godaddy Fix

CakePHP Godaddy Htaccess FIX

hi Guys, If You are New with Godaddy and cakePHP, You’ll find it difficult to get cake Working with godaddy host.Today I’mm gonna post a fix for this . The Common Error That cause 500 internal Server Error is Due to Htacces.So This Fix Hopefully will solve you r problem. we are just gonna add… Read More

Password protect directory using htaccess

Password Protect Directory using Htaccess

Password Protect Directory using Htaccess: Hi Guys ! Protecting your media files from anonymous or unauthorized users is very important for the security .The best and easy way to do it is Using the htaccess .You can password protect your directory Using htaccess .Htaccess uses also another file called htpasswd for this purpose.Htaccess is always… Read More

Apache URL Rewriting

Apache URL Rewrite Beginner Guide

  INTRO TO APACHE URL REWRITING:- URL Rewriting is a way to produce Search Engine Friendly URLs.Also these URLs can easily be Remembered by the visitors.URL Rewriting is not the Easiest should be careful  in some steps.As rewriting provide great functionality so it should be Implemented carefully.I recommend you to test first then Implement… Read More