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How to Point Multiple Domains to the Same Website Using Domain Mapping?

For multisite users, it’s certainly difficult to remember all the domain names. But with domain mapping this issue could be resolved. Wondering how? Domain mapping helps to map multiple domains to a single website. However, to many WordPress users domain mapping seems to be a complex process if they’re lack knowledge of cPanel. But it’s… Read More

Wordpress Add Featured Image in Feed

Add Featured Image to WordPress Feed

hi Guys, Recently I’ve Come Around Problem That i have to add my featured Image to My wordpress Post Feeds.I Found A Solutions So i thought That’s good If I share that . So Here it is “How to Add Featured Image to Your WordPress Feed”. That is Not that Hard.What you need is Little… Read More

PSD to wp Ecommerce

Tips and Tricks to Ensure Flawless Transition from PSD to WordPress E-commerce

We all know, that WordPress, an open-source CMS offers a great platform for creating a website. It allows users with minimal computer knowledge to  modify and update a website, as required. The flexibility and robust features of WordPress are admired by many developers and website owners. And, thus many people are turning their head towards… Read More

Wp Content Categorization

Why WordPress is perfect for creating a SEO friendly website?

Are you thinking of creating a website on your own and a bit confuse to select a platform for that? No doubt, a content management system would be a great choice, since it can make your job more convenient and efficient. But, now the question is – which CMS is better? And, I would suggest… Read More

WP aio social plugin

Wp Aio Social Plugin

Hi Guys, WP AIO Social Plugin is Powerful Plugin with Most Social Network widgets and Plugin. It has  10 Social widget and Sharing Plugin. MoreOver This Plugin wont affect the speed of the site as all scripts are loaded in optimized way asynchronously. Wp Aio Social Plugin WordPress Aio social Plugin Has Following Widget and… Read More

Wordpress Post Views Counter

WP Post Views Counter

Hi Guys , Lot of Time Since Some Real Good Plugin Or Tutorial is Posted. So Today i Came up with Wp Post Views Counter, The WordPress Plugin that With Does the Simple Task Of the Tracking the Post Views Count For Singular Post IN wordpress. WordPress Post Views Counter is WordPress Plugin That Can… Read More

Wordpress issue traker

An Issue Tracker On the Way For WordPress Documentation

An Issue Tracker On the Way For WordPress Documentation As we all know that WordPress Documentation is all about to enhance, and currently trying to involve and contributing to documentation is quite confusing. We all know that it is not easy to find gaps or missing pieces that need attention except you know the current… Read More